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  1. i think alex said 7d is a no go for raw due to dual digics.
  2. I just ordered a 32gb exceria pro card, will take ages to get here(between may 29th and june 4th), and I suppose theres the risk of it being counterfeit as its from hong kong, but I will let you guys know how it goes. hopefully the delivery estimate is super conservative(and moreso that its the real deal)!
  3. Ha, that Michael Sutton guy runs a site where the rental prices are exorbitantly high, at least in comparison to lensrentals. 150 a day for a bmcc vs 275 for 6 days  :rolleyes:    makes a little more sense why hes so keen to say magic lantern will melt your camera.
  4. so lets pretend we get a cf -> usb/hdmi/sata cable or ssd recording or some sort of alternative that enables full speed recording, would full resolution(5760x3840) be possible?
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