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  1. The BMCC looks great, but depending on what your doing, it may not be the camera for you.   I make commercials and do photography.  The BMCC will not really work for me unless I get a still camera as well. I'm looking at the 5D3 or 1DX.  Nikon totally missed the boat- sure they have uncompressed HDMI, but who cares when the image has moire and aliasing.  It's coming for the Canon line up in april anyway.   About the BMCC and rigging- the BMCC is all about rigging.  Doesn't seem to be the camera for you.  If you're only doing video you might want to look at
  2. I'm not looking at the M2, but just wanted to see if I could save some $ by getting it instead of M3.  Looking into the features of ML (very cool)  and Also looking at nikon's D800 and D600.
  3. Thanks Zach, I appreciate your feedback.  Ya, I agree the 5d3 is called soft, would the MK2 be any sharper do you think?  I'm a post production editor and really would like to avoid fiddling with the image.   In the nikon world I think I'd have to fuzz out all the moire and aliasing with a motion mask--that would really be a drag...
  4. Hi shooters,  I'm debating between the 5d3 and Nikon d600 for my next cam.   Was wondering if the 5D3 has any aliasing or moire artifacts?    The Nikon D600 certainly does, but if the Canon also has similar issues (other than being soft) then no sense switching all my glass over to canon.  I do know about Magic lantern, and wondering if the image could be sharpened thru ML?   Any thoughts on this?  I know a dedicated video camera such as the PMW-200 or XF300 would be better for video, but I need a dual purpose unit, thanks all!
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