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  1. So, there is a rolling shutter at 8m18s? Probably. But where is it in other scenes? I would expect it to appear in many more places or at least more apparent. Helicopter shot? Blades that rotate can not be fixed in post, that was not shot with rolling shutter camera. FX maybe? hhhmmmmm
  2. "The F5 is no slouch either despite the mooted price tag of $15,000. Whilst the 1080p C300 cannot even do higher than 30p, the F5 can do 120fps in 4K.".. [b]not true.[/b] From SONY:[list] [*][b]60 fps [/b]out of the box (XAVC HD). [*]with a planned upgrade [b]120 fps [/b] (XAVC 2K/HD). Unique to this process, there is no line skipping or sensor windowing. So there’s no crop factor, no loss in angle of view. [*]with the optional AXS-R5 outboard recorder and a planned upgrade [b]120 fps 2K RAW[/b] [/list] also, there are several sites with the announced price, cheapest is around 20 000€ for [b]F5[/b]+[b]AXS-R5[/b] (http://www.sony.co.jp/SonyInfo/News/Press/201211/12-165/ http://cinescopophilia.com/sony-f5-f55-cinealta-cameras-and-pl-lens-prices-announced/)
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