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  1. New to anamorphics. Thinking about buying an external recorder and a FM module or rectilux. Wondering if anyone know the mathematics to calculate what the resolution will be if I go APS-C 4k out to a recorder on the a7s(I know aps-c isnt really 4k but upscaled). So lets say I want to take 4:3 aspect ratio from the super35 crop, does anyone know the theoretical resolution with a 2x anamorphic such as the cinelux? Want to use the crop mode on a7s to get less rolling shutter as I do alot of handheld and to be able to use wider fov lenses. Is it plausible that I can use a 35mm in a combo like this?
  2. I can't understand that people would want to use an anamorphic lens like this in anything else than music videoes. Those horizontal flares kills the image for me. It would take me right out of the story! Looper was a fine film, but those flares annoyed the hell out of me. There is alot to like about anamorphics. The scope and extra resolution are all good, but the horizontal flares... its ugly IMO.
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