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  1. I definetively agree for the X1.5 argument. Surely a more "cinematic" anamorphic... But 1.33 will work anyways ;)
  2. The bokeh definitively looks like the AGLA7200. (I miss the oval but we can get it with a diopter as previously said...) I'm not a hudge fan of the flare either. I find it too present, too sharp. Maybe something more subtle could be better. But if this anamorphic attachement can focus close without a dipoter and shoot @ F2.8 I dig it ! Such a big improvement over my AGLA7200 ! How wide can it go ? 24mm ? 18mm ? What about their 12mm F1.6 ?! And the serious question is : what about the price ?   PS: nice short/test film BTW ;)
  3. [quote name='Bioskop.Inc' timestamp='1353184331' post='21865'] I thought one of the benefits of using an anamorphic lens was that it makes the focal length wider - hence widescreen. So why the obsession of wanting a 12mm or 24mm anamorphic lens - how wide do you really want or need to go? I know most of you have gone the MFT route, but there are more & bigger sensors out there too! So what happens when you drop 1K on a lens that you'll only ever be able to use on a MFT & you buy/rent a camera with a bigger sensor? Cause lets face it, things will move on & so will you - the glass you buy should be adaptable for the future. Furthermore, the only cameras that have been used in films so far are the 5D & 7D, not the GH2. If SLR Magic were sensible they wouldn't sell an anamorphic just for one camera/sensor size - so i've changed my mind, they need to make an anamorphic lens that is adaptable to different primes (re. Andrews recent question), but is that possible to do & make it a single focus system? [/quote] I really don't agree with that. I owned a 5D and switched to a GH1 with no remorse ! better image, codec, antialiasing, less rolling shutter, etc.. But apart from that, the Black Magic camera's sensor is almost Micro4/3's sized, the Digital Bolex also. I don't know about Red's or Alexa's because they're out of my league, but the full size sensor from the 5D isn't the futur to me ! Canon need to work hard to get close to this, even with the D300 which isn't as good as the BMC looks to be ! So if they work with micro4/3 sensor size in mind I don't think they're closing any doors for the futur. That being said I do agree about how wide we need to go. I recently shot a short film and I only used an old 28mmF2.8 and a 50mmF1.7 from pentax with the ALGA7200 and honestly, it was wide enough. And again I think a 2,66 ratio (1.5X factor on a 16/9 sensor) could also reinforce this... Just my two cents ;)
  4. [quote name='BurnetRhoades' timestamp='1353100365' post='21811'] I'd only be interested in a closed system if multiple lens+anamorphic combos were offered. Being constricted by a single focal (well, two if used with a GH2) would be as much of a deal breaker as dual-focus. For instance, if they offered a 25mm setup, like being demonstrated in their video, I'd get that if they also offered something in the 12-14mm range. Then anything where I needed more than the 25mm with the ex.tele converter on I could grab my Century + 105mm Nikkor or something like that. Something perfect for me, assuming a closed system with fast prime mated to anamorphic, would actually be three models, with a focal length falling somewhere in these ranges: 1) 11-18mm 2) 24-28mm 3) 75-85mm ...perfect would be models based on their 12mm and 25mm hyperprimes as well as an 85mm in the same ballpark for speed. These would be magnificent compromises that didn't feel like compromises. One model with one focal, not interested. Not unless it's a super-wide. That'd be useful to me. [/quote] I agree with that. 12mm F1.6 or F2.0 24mm F2.0 75mm F2.0 Single focus Bottom line is price range :) and diopter ! 1000$ each ?
  5. [quote name='EOSHD' timestamp='1353073392' post='21773'] Are you referring to [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif][size=3][background=rgb(247, 247, 247)]Apefoscope? I prefer image quality from the SLR Magic.[/background][/size][/font][/color] [/quote] Yes I am :) The SLR Magic looks better but can be improved I think, especially at F2.0, it doesn't look that impressive (even if the sharpness is !)
  6. [quote name='EOSHD' timestamp='1353019808' post='21715'] There's also this from our friend in Brazil. Apefoscope. Let me know your thoughts guys and gals... [/quote] Where is the oval Bokeh ? The sharpeness isn't great at all and again ? Where is the oval Bokeh ?! Only flares aren't good enough. An oval and strong bokeh is definiteively needed ! Flares can be faked like with the Atlantic filter, but not the bokeh. That's what matter the most to me.
  7. Hi, I've shot with the AGLA7200 and GH13 for a long time now and the sharpness and close focus is a issue for sure ! But I prefer this instead of a double focus barrel ! Anyway, I think I prefer a 2,66 ratio (like isco's 1,5X factor) which will make bokeh more oval and stretch also ! And I agree about the zoom lens. Why not build only one lens like a standard 28-70mm F2.0 or F2.8 ? I guess it's more complicated but at least we can zoom (an effect I miss so much) and keep on one bouying just one lens ? And then have a serie of standard 25-35-50-85 ? But I also have their 12mm F1.6 and they sure work well :) So I kind of trust them but I'll be disappointed if I can't buy multiple lenses...
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