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  1. Adapter or not, it all depends on how usable it is! This dual focus thing is bothering me! For making movies, we MUST be able to rack-focus quickly and reliably on different subjects (which, 90% of the time, are not that far away from each other), as well as to follow their moves! This could be possible if one was able to setup a "usable focus range" with one ring, while using the second ring for pinpoint focus accuracy. If so, then I don't mind the idea of a generic adapter with dual focus rings. The 1.33x ratio seems to be a good compromise, too. I'm not really fond of the idea of cropping-reframing my pictures in post to get a standard scope ratio (2.39:1). As long as we keep some of the following: - Nice "panavision like" flares. Yours seems quite nice indeed. So, I guess this one is OK! - Oval "Panavision like" Bokeh! Please! Some of yours seems to be circular, some not, which is a bit... odd... - Some degree of "panavision smoothness", of cinemascope magic! Anamorphic shooting with a digital camera is always a pretty good way to get rid of this nasty "digital edge" we are used to live with since we got digital cameras... It's hard to tell, right now, how yours is, because your lighting condition is not very good (sodium HPS lights are the worst you could choose)! Could you please share with us some pictures taken during daylight? All in all, this is really exciting! I'm looking forward for your product! You can count me in :)
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