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  1. just my 2 cent… …the year is not really the best for many filmmakers nor photographers and I remember that 12 years ago, after the financial crisis, a small change (film - digital) was forced relatively quickly. A technical purchase, no matter which one has to be worthwhile for a filmmaker. These Investments should pay off itself. I find the specs of the camera interesting, but I don't see that any of my clients would be willing to take the risk neither myself of using a camera with such „overheating is 1 tiger example“ issues. Especially now that we are shooting again after the Coro
  2. [quote] Hi This is incorrect. There has not been a mechanical change since I had last communicated with your company in June 2012. I would like to know where you're getting this information from. [/quote] Hey, this was a CAD mistake we had made by our own on the 3D rebuild of the camera. Not by Blackmagic. Already fixed. Best, Philip (rewo)
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