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  1. [quote name='Zach' timestamp='1348696018' post='19087'] What a ridiculous point of view! I can't buy it because its 15K! If it were the price of the 1DX with the exact same hardware, I very well could buy it! [/quote] [i]Could.[/i] Do you need a 4K camera? Are you in the business of making feature length films that are to be projected on large screens? Since you don't have the money or aren't willing to spend $15k on a piece of video equipment, then you're not in the market for a 4K camera. Do you know how much cine lense cost? If you can afford one of those, you can afford a $15k camera. The 1D C isn't marketed as a budget consumer camera. The Black Magic Camera is. You [i]wan[/i]t 4K. You don't [i]need [/i]it. If you needed it, you would find a means to getting it. But since you don't understand the business aspect of it, you can waste your breath. No one is caring that you can't get 4K for what you want it at.
  2. [quote name='Zach' timestamp='1348665016' post='19073'] You are completely missing the point. The point being that it is the same hardware of a camera half its price. At the price of the 1D X, that puts 4K INTO the price range of a lot of low budget folks hands. Its not insane to think that small studios or even independent film makers have machines to edit 4K these days [/quote] No, you're missing the point. This has nothing to do with what the hardware is. This has everything to do with who's buying it. Low budget film makers aren't looking to use 4K. They don't need it. It's a hassle for them. A lot of low budget film makers shoot in 720p since it is easier, faster, and more convenient for them. Did you pre-order the 1D C? Do plan on buying it? If not, then you are not customer, and this product doesn't apply to you. If you want cheap 4K go get mad at Black Magic Design for not releasing the Cinema Camera with a 4K resolution.
  3. To everyone that's complaining of the price point, were you ever going to use a 4K camera? Do you even have the hardware to do so? The computer to process all that footage? The hard drive space to store all those files? Do you even have the 1D X? No? They even said it's aimed at Hollywood. It's not aimed at the average consumer. You aren't a customer of this product, why are you complaining? Canon doesn't care. If the film makers in Hollywood were complaining, they would care since that is their target customer base. But they're not since it is one of the cheaper cameras available to them that does 4K and is a good form factor for tight spots when needed. The 1D C isn't part of the photography market, it's part of a whole other market, cinema/film. It's a strategic marketing strategy done by Canon to make exclusivity to high-budget film makers. If you're not making movies ,even 4K movies, then stop complaining.
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