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  1. Andrew, you mentioned that you spoke with Canon about their DSLR video lineup, any words on how they responded? Or were they just yanking your chain.
  2. [quote name='mike_tee_vee' timestamp='1348171301' post='18751'] There are no ethical implications to what a business choses to charge for its products. We live in a capitalist society where price action is governed by supply and demand. Canon's goal is to maximize profits. Demand will ultimately dictate price. As much as it sucks, Canon are under no moral obligation to provide cameras at a reasonable price for low budget filmmakers. Take a look at Apple. Margins on most of their products are significantly higher than the competition, yet the demand for them is through the roof. [/quote] I think the Apple/Canon comparison is interesting. Apple released a device, the iPhone, which was a game changer. Canon released the 5D Mk II, which also was a game changer. I think we can look at Sony/Panasonic/Blackmagic/Nikon as Android. Android devices can do mostly the same & sometimes more than the iPhones. (not interested in an ios vs android fight here btw, just making an example) But Apple holds it's market share and expensive prices because they have fans, and they have people that are estatic over Apple products. I think Canon is following that approach. It doesn't matter if xyz vendor comes out with a camera that's half the price and does twice and much, they are still going to hold their prices because "It's Canon, and people will pay" And people will continue to pay, because they want that extra sharpness, and they want that high bitrate, or they want whatever Canon can offer that Sony and the others cant. As the owner of Canon DSLR's, batteries, EOS lenses, accessories, and an entire business built up around the capabilities of these cameras, it bothers me that they are going with this approach. I'm not expecting a C300 for the price of a 7D, but they can do better in 2012, this isn't 2008.
  3. I'm no hardware engineer, but what's to stop the ML guys from downloading the firmware from the 1DC, making a few tweaks, and loading it onto the 1DX? Missing a headphone jack still, so kind of worthless as a documentary or run and gun camera, but for narrative or studio work it would be fine.
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