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  1. Strange article. Feels like you are sucked up in the resolution hype after all... If you were talking about raw I would understand your points of view. After all we are all being fooled by the big companies. And we learned truths because of magic lanterns revelations. That relatively cheap camera's did hide a much better quality. It is the codec that is keeping us in the dark ages, partly. The main reason of all the frustration is that sony, canon etc, is protecting there product lines. Canon will not build a good moire and aliasing free (cheap) dslr because they build the c300 line. No company will do that. There will be no full frame sensor aliasing free for a long time. Even the rebels that promised us so much like Red. They all got sucked up by the big money. 4k won't solve this. But I understand why you think it does... 4k does not allow room for moire aliasing etc. Perhaps. But now everyone wants the new sony 4k cam, even if it produces interlaced. Even if it does not have an interchangeble lens, no large sensor. We don't care anymore because hey... it is 4k. So new rebels won't even think of building a 1080p raw full frame sensor camera. We all will cry that is is such a pity it isn't 4k!
  2. It is a strange development. But I understand why canon did not implement it. These bursts are interesting but not really workable for filmmaking.  Unless there will be a way to film as long as we want. This is just a nice effect.
  3. I really like that you almost always write exactly what I think. I hope very much that Black Magic 4k will prove to be really true and good.
  4. I think the next step should be to get rid of all 1080i and replace it with 1080p.  That difference is on your home tv screen very visible.  More visible then the difference between 1080p and 4k. (on your home tv)   The Future is online I agree. Availability, seamless connected to the Tv screen easy to operate, those things are far more paramount and needed then to forcing a Movie theatre resolution into a family home.
  5. Thanks this is important it simply means that big companies still hold on to the fact that superior film quality has to be expensive. This surely indicates that it is not true anymore. I think... sigh
  6. I don't think resolution won't be an issue anymore, but the square pixel is gone. Which perhaps gives an analog feel... and first of all will change digital zooming in.
  7. No wideangle shots. Very clever. But very nicely done. I think the gh3 will be just better. A better choice then the bmc. Because the bmc is a hell of a job to work with. GH3 will be very easy to work with muito cheaper and has a bigger sensor which is so much better. Really bmc looks nice but if you see the crop comparison... you want to run.
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