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  1. Hi, I'm pretty sure this is turned off but I'll go and check. Here's a link to the video that I first noticed it appearing on. http://www.chrisdaviesphotography.com/Other/Videos/25378079_DKGgL7#!i=2087842556&k=6DcbD6T I thought it was confined to darker videos but on reviewing most footage from the trip almost all clips have got some one it. Is there any post production I can do to clean up? Thanks Chris
  2. Arghhh! I'm getting some crazy red lines in different parts of the footage when shooting with a brand new 5d3. They tend to be in darker places but not confined to low light shooting. You get about 5/6 short red lines appear in a patch together and when you move the camera around, they stay with the subjet. I'll try and get some footage uploaded. Any ideas? Uploaded a clip: http://www.chrisdaviesphotography.com/Other/Videos/25378079_DKGgL7#!i=2087842556&k=6DcbD6T
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