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  1. [quote name='EOSHD' timestamp='1346469025' post='17064'] I've also been looking at the drive space issues. I can get 6TB of HDD space for around 300 EUR. I won't be shooting 13 hrs of docu footage. I tend to cut in-camera. I don't do long takes or live events, or interviews, etc. For a music video or a typical EOSHD 'on location' vignette I'd probably even only do 1-2 hours worth of footage, I almost do edit with the shutter button! Treat the Blackmagic Cinema Camera like a film camera. Best quality for the price, use it when you need to, and not all the time. John Ford cut in-camera. He did this to stop the bastard producers re-editing his film!! For many a docu interview, a DSLR is just fine for run & gun. The BMCC is an artistic filmmaking tool designed to ease aspiring filmmakers into the world of post, the world of raw and the world of DaVinci Resolve. Smart move by Blackmagic and incredibly generous too. That price will gain them a lot of ground in the market too, and the image will gain them a lot of ground even in the pro market vs Red and Arri! Remember that the raw files can be deleted and they can be converted into ProRes. If you shoot ProRes in-camera like I said in the article, you are making that decision a lot earlier and I kind of find that a bit unnecessary given how quick it is to transcode later over a single night, depending on how much footage you have. You certainly won't be needing 6TB of SSD drives which would be very expensive. Unless you're shooting 13 hours per shoot without ever dumping to HDD. Again use the SSDs like 30 minute long film reels. 240GB = $180. Not expensive. These are not Red SSDs. I believe it is important not to say a blanket 'no' to raw, or a blanket 'no' to ProRes. It really does depend on the shoot, or even the scene. Just use it when you need to and it will work out fine. [/quote] I wont lie I recorded 80% of that 260gb over the span of 3 days. Granted I had 2 shooters, but that is a smack ton of footage. But 6tb would just be enough to house the footage, I still need space for scratch disks and for renders and such. Then you get in to the issue with data redundancy so double the amount for a RAID 10. But I just downloaded the raw footage and graded it in resolve and I am truly amazed at the latitude at which i can push the image. It almost makes me want to see what type of raid set up i'd need for a single project.
  2. Hey guys, I wanted to chime in on this BMC discussion. As a hobby I shoot documentaries mainly on geek and nerd culture, and professionally I create motion graphics and color correct. I will focus on the documentary side of what I do. The other day my co-worker and I were marveling over the idea of working raw. But then I started thinking about the disk space issue. For my last documentary I created, I shot about 13.5 hours for a 22 min product. Those that create documentaries typically have a very high shooting ratio, and while I want to shoot raw it is really cost prohibitive for me. I was crunching the numbers and here is how they break down: I shot 267 GB with my 7D which comes to be about 13.5 hours of content. In Prorez 422 1.22 TB Raw 6.9bTB When I crunched the numbers I had a hard time justifying the the space required for what I do if I shoot in the raw format. I think the one thing that users will need to think about is the data rate. It looks like the data rate for raw will be about 145MB/s which is near the theoretical limit of a single 7200rpm hard drive. So that moves you in to the RAID territory and the expense that one of those systems entails. For companies who shoot single camera cinematic style where projects are scripted, and acted, I think raw is the next logical step. For long form corporate or documentaries then raw will be tough at least for now. 2 years from now then it will be a bit easier to swallow as long as SSD get cheaper and hard drives also become cheaper. As for my personal projects, I know for a fact that I will be shooting ProRez/DnxHD, because It is a good compromise between quality and disk space. [url="https://vimeo.com/user745412"]https://vimeo.com/user745412[/url]
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