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  1. dear all has anybody tested the electronic image stabilization for video on the gfx100/s? is it worth using it when handheld or is it better done in premiere? thanks in advance ps: couldn't google any review of that particular function.
  2. i'm interested in the a7rii cineflat profile and lut package. is cineflat more like canons wide dynamic range profil (WDR)? we normally use this at the moment on our c100 . if not. what camera settings/luts would you recommend? thanks for any support.
  3. dear andrew we're very much interested in your a7r2 guide, picture profile and luts. unfortunately we're used to work with wide dr (or even a tweaked version (https://vimeo.com/77931546) of it called wide pf). in our experience this easy to grade profile but flat in the highlights profile serves us very well on our c100 - also during filming. would you know if there is anybody looking for something similar for the a7r2? would you be interested to look into this? any suggestions/tipps? thanks for any support, roman
  4. does anybody think, a similar hack might be developed for the c100? and how likely is it that somebody invests time and money in it? it would be a very nice to combination of handy tools and a good picture quality (raw output or at least with 10bit 422).
  5. we are considering to buy a sony fs-700 but are a little disappointed with its resolution. would you think the BM camera will make a big difference used for a hd production? thanks for any advice.
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