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  1. XC - 10 

    • Limiting lens. The non-constant aperture can drive one crazy while shooting at multiple focal lengths…The maximum aperture difference between wide (F2.8) and tele (5.6) is too large.
    • Not enough assignable buttons. There are only 3 of those and that’s very limiting. After assigning 1-Magnification, 2-Display and 3-Push auto focus, had to dig into “FUNCTION” in order to change ISO values, engage the internal ND filter,  use the focus peeking or enable zebra.
    • After changing a value in “FUNC”, when starting to record, the menu screen will still be present, preventing the possibility of quick recording. You are forced to close the menu in order to have a clean view of your recording.
    • No viewfinder. The proposed original Canon solution (loupe over the LCD) is a good idea but badly implemented. The image is distorted and not evenly in focus when you enable the diopter, which can cause eye fatigue and headache at times.
    • Cheap stiff rubber on the loupe is extremely uncomfortable to use.
    • Not a worldwide camera. Region restricted.
    • Magnification will punch in only once. Not enough to judge critical focus in some shooting situations.
    • Build quality is questionable, especially the lens on the camera.
    • If you intend to shoot in HD (1080) or slow motion 120 FPS in 720p, prepare to have an extra SD card as those formats will not record onto the CFast card.
    • Canon is marketing this camcorder as professional. A better professional XLR audio solution from Canon is missing for that though.
    • Minimum ISO in video mode is ISO 500.
    • the CFast 2.0 media are still quite expensive for such an entry level camera.

    I just cant understand why a camera with such high specs, even got c-log, is, nd filter has such crappy lens. This camera is not suck, its ridiculous. 

  2. Single player games just are becoming a thing of the past. I takes too much work/money compared to multiplayer games. A csgo map can be done in two weeks and user will spent thousands of hours on it, on the other hand a single player chapter takes a lot more time and the user will play through it in 20min... 

    I'm still hoping for hl3 anyways.

    At first they planned to release episode 3 to complete the triology but I dont think there will be a 3-rd episode

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