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  1. Thanks for the reply! In looking at that comparison with the brick buildings in the background, I thought it was a pretty big difference. But it seems that others are thinking about a replacement glass filter too, so maybe a mild IR-coated replacement isn't too far off? But if I do pick up the FS700, the A99 would complement it really well... :)
  2. Hi, This question is mainly directed at Andrew: I've seen your tests in removing the AA filter on your 5D, and obviously, the results are sooooo much better. So the question is, do you think a third party could make a milder filter to replace the original? Isn't it basically just a piece of glass? Don't you have the connections to make this happen? Heck, Bloom has his red Kessler dolly. Time for a Reid Replacement Reticulator? (Yeah, couldn't think of a better name...) Being very serious here!
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