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  1. [quote name='tabac' timestamp='1344363313' post='15065'] Just signed up here just to say, where do you get the balls? [/quote] I actualy had similar feelings as he did, but there are so many reasons for this sort of video to be unpolished that I felt they were all forgiveable given the circumstance I bet the shooter was in. Edit: I actually had similar feelings as a different post, but I did ask some similar questions. I appreciate getting a look at the camera in action. Maybe we could get more technical specifications to the shoot; lighting plots, lens choice, etc...
  2. The proof of this test is you could shoot a movie on this camera. The noise doesn't bother me, as there are ways to work with it on set and in post, not to mention my eyes are constantly being directed to the actors' faces. I felt the talents' faces looked soft for the most part; I am curious how they look after post-processing. On the flip-side, that could be an aesthetic choice by the director, and the perceived lack of resolved details might be an artistic choice. (It's why some people wear makeup, right?) I'd love to get my hands on some of the raw files to practice crafting looks in post, but even more so I'd love to get my hands on the camera for some cinematic storytelling,
  3. It doesn't hurt to buy Andrew's books at all. Even if you don't agree with Andrew Reid on every issue or subject, he is a real gear head and puts an enormous effort into his work. You can learn quite a bit from reading his material, even if you've been doing this for years. A different outlook can be a refreshing experience.
  4. It might have been the way it was handled on the export. Regardless, I've purchased DVDs off the shelf that have lower-bitrates and a far inferior image to the Vimeo stream... but naturally, this video is meant to give us a look at the camera technology vs. tell a two-hour cinematic narrative that has to be squashed down to fit on a dual-layer disc with seven language tracks for our friends in Zhabimguardia. Just watching it on my 37" monitor for the sake of watching it the image was more than acceptable given the amount of money I have spent on media over the past 20 years! Hopefully we can get our hands on the original files, or a portion thereof.
  5. I think the video is perfectly acceptable, even the vimeo compression. Vimeo, being one of the most popular distribution formats, is what you need to prepare your output for, and it will create artifacts by default. However, view this video on a phone next to Alexa, Epic, F65, etc etc footage... View it on a tablet, view it on a plasma screen, and lcd, an old 4:3 tube, your computer monitor... watch it on a calibrated screen, on a screen with color presets, etc... realize, that we as media making professionals, may not have 100% control as to how our audience will view your motion picture, but we can get a great feel for the gambit it will run. Naturally, we'd prefer the files straight off the camera, but the vimeo test gives us one circumstance that it can be viewed, however, we are going to view this on so many different screens, and on some the Vimeo compression is less an issue altogether. Innovative camera, at least from a cost perspective. I am interested in what the next gen model will have.
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