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  1. Thanks for the review. Can the GH3 do 1/48 shutter @ 24p? (180 degree shutter) GH2 can only do 1/40 or 1/50. Thanks!
  2. [quote name='Axel' timestamp='1343809697' post='14774'] AdR & alexander, how do you measure GH2 (or any) footage and get to ("when I check it") the values you found? [/quote] That's part of the problem, especially with h.264 footage, because many apps scale the luma when they see the h.264 flag in the meta data. The two methods I've used are: (1) Open the files in QT7 (which I have heard ignores scaling flags), then take a screengrab and open in photoshop. Use Info Window and Levels histogram to determine luma scale. (2) Set up AE CS6 with color space of Adobe RGB(1998), and import .mts file, then use Synthetic Aperture for scopes and histograms. (I believe using Adobe RGB (1998) causes AE to import the .mts file without any luma scaling.) If anyone has better methods, please post them.
  3. @alexander, how did you measure GH2 footage and get 16-235? When I check it, I see 16-255, which gives it the same problems as the Sony.
  4. [quote name='alexander' timestamp='1343413564' post='14636'] AdR i dont get it ... what do u think, that [color=#ff0000]5[/color]dtoRGB uses some extraterrestrial technology and converts better then Premiere Pro 32bit engine? [/quote] [color=#0000ff]@alexander[/color] Um, no. Let's try to keep this friendly and polite, 'k? It's really simple. The problem comes from the Quicktime APIs. From the 5DtoRGB website: [quote name='5DtoRGB website'] QuickTime adds noise to its H.264 output (and so does any program that uses QuickTime to decompress H.264)[/quote] So 5DtoRGB gets better results by NOT using Quicktime for the conversion. They send the video one frame at a time to the GPU, and let the graphics card do the math. As far as I can see, the difference is moderate until you start doing day-for-night and other radical color grading. For me, 5DtoRGB is also more convenient, because I just batch convert the clips and then I don't have to worry about it any more. YMMV.
  5. @alexander, you can buy a 2Tb Array at Office Depot for $200. That's 8¢ per Gb. (That's like buying a 32 Gb SDHC for $2.56) Kind of hard to call that expensive. Also, doing a 709 to 601 stretch in 32-bit float will help a little, but the underlying facts are the same. You're still missing 14% of your color data, and the discontinuities degrade your image. The 5DtoRGB conversion is quick and easy, and it keeps the entire 0-255 color space. That's what I'll be doing.
  6. [b]I think it's better to convert using 5DtoRGB. [/b] Our goal is to keep as much of the information your camera captured. Let's look at the process. When you bring in an .mts file from your GH2, it has data from 0-255. Your NLE assumes the .mts file should be broadcast safe, so it limits the values to 16-235. The data from 0-15 and 236-255 are G-O-N-E. Not hidden. Discarded by the NLE. When you use a color corrector to expand the color space back to 0-255, you're just stretching the 16-235 values across the full range. That makes gaps in the transitions, which makes for banding and abrupt tranistions when you color correct the footage. [img]http://i48.tinypic.com/6ynrz4.jpg[/img] With 8-bit footage, every bit of quality and latitude counts. The 5DtoRGB process results in the full 0-255 data being imported, which gives you more flexibility in color correction. Hard drives are getting cheaper. Buy a bigger one. ;-) P.S. -- I think I've found a way to do the conversion in Apple Compressor. Haven't had any luck with Adobe Media Encoder. Eager for any suggestions. Thanks!
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