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  1. pulled this from a youtube video... It's a supposed still from the a7S at 6400 ISO~
  2. Also not mentioned often enough is the SONY FE 28-135 F4 POWER ZOOM LENS, and compact XLR mic kit. This will be an incredibly versatile set up along side the Atomos Shogun for 4K, and beautiful large preview. I feel that some of my best projects are shot when using an external monitor versus the back of the camera. I used to shoot with a DP7 on a C100 using the hood all the time. I'm planning on switching to the a7S if all the hype is really true (and Sony have fixed skin tone color, as it was horrible on the FS100 I used to shoot with). Sorry Canon- the only thing that kept me hanging on was the Magic Lantern hack. Never really entertained the thought of buying a GH4...
  3. Let's not rush to judgment until we get a 'real' answer. If this camera can stay under $2k, we would still have a great tool for interview/ less action type filming for reframing, etc.. Another thing- I just watched an interview over at planet 5D, where a sony rep that said "HD, and 4K are available in both APS-C, and full frame". I wonder how the camera was set during this test, APS-C or FF...? Still very excited to see this released along side the new 28-135mm 4.0 servo from Sony. That camera and lens combo along with the new Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art, maybe enough incentive to sell my RAW powered 5D3~ (or at least shelve it more often). From my perspective, I'd be more reluctant to buy the m4/3 GH4 over the Sony IF the A7s price can stay within reason. My .02¢
  4. Hello again--> Pretty bored sitting around waiting for a job to start so I did a quick grade using Hunter's LUT v1.0 beta for resolve 10 and tweaked it to look (natural). edit: after looking at it with fresh eyes there may be too much magenta in the first shots stones =[ I exported ProRes4444 from the Raw after the grade into final cut x, then exported to Vimeo from there. Vimeo's compression is pretty far from the original, but the downloadable version gets a lot closer.. https://vimeo.com/79422857 Included is a '.png snapshot' using snaps pro of the original 4444 (left), and downloadable version (right) for all the pixel peepers' microscopes. Vimeo's compression is closer than I thought after downloading the 'original' from their site. The actual original ProRes 4444 file has a wee bit more resolution. I'm hoping the .png conveys that. I also forgot to mention that I subtracted %1 from the black levels before exporting from final cut which is probably most of the color shift you're seeing in the .png. Not nearly as scientific as Maxotics post ;)
  5. Hello, Thought I'd take a stab at it. Just a grade in adobe camera raw. Noise reduced and added. Sharpened a bit as well. Comments??
  6. oh man... lets face it, the GH3 has no place next to raw out of any camera that we've seen to date. i'm not here to slam your grade either. i'm not saying i don't see a niche for G cameras, they're great and cost effective. i have shot with many cameras, and just had the opportunity to shoot with some Schneider-Kreuznach Xenon FF-Prime's on a C300. lovely image. but for me, nothing comes close to the 5D3 for the cost. unbelievable image coming out of that camera. even if I had all the money in the world, i would still be looking through the Canon 5D3.
  7. this footage is actually quite nice. i was seeing some of the grades out there and they've looked atrocious. and some of the stuff i was hearing really had me going for a minute.  for me, the camera seemed to grade just fine imo. and i bet could do very well with a few nodes in resolve. i was able to recoup highlights easily with tonalizer. and much sharper than most 5D3 stuff i've edited at the wide end of the lens anyway-   https://vimeo.com/71781899
  8. Yeah, I'm going to have to agree with you. Even though this is the guy who had the FIRSt 1Dc prototype earlier last year so Canon does hold him high on their totem pole. He seemed to know what he was talking about. On another note, don't these two cameras have different sensors. Ah well.  If true, you'll see a lot of 5D3's with external recorders soon =] Hope it is!!
  9. Just so you all know, I just spent all day with a Canon rep yesterday who let us test a C100, C300, and the 1Dc (we also shot some 5D3, and mushy FS100 footage). He assured me that with the 5D firmware update this spring, we will have uncompressed video that is the EXACT same as the 1Dc in it's "super 35" cropped sensor mode. This was HUGE news to me. Also, from what I saw- The 1Dc even at 4K didn't hold up as well as the C100 with Sound Devices external recorder under controlled light. I'm definitely not poo pooing the 1Dc, but for my needs the C100 is the camera for me at that price.
  10. Canon... Geez, what a load of crap- Somehow, I'm really not that surprised. Not saying the software should be free, just seems a little self righteous on their part.
  11. [quote name='MattH' timestamp='1343392002' post='14615'] That mesh looks extremely fine. Difficult to tell exactly how fine, but some meshes and fabrics are so fine that there is moire even when looking with the naked eye. The colour is the most distracting part of it. If a mask was used to desaturate the chair then it may just look natural. If the full 2.5k was enough to resolve the pattern then the moire might have occurred merely by downsizing to 1080. In this case I think one could apply a blur mask before down scaling which would act as an anti aliasing filter for that part or the image. It may just be that 2.5k isn't enough to resolve the detail, but that's the case with many cameras. I think an anti aliasing filter would just soften the image overall. [/quote] Yes, I agree that an antialiasing filter would help, and I am in NO way bashing this amazing feat of technology. I am not expecting the world =] If it can only produce as little moire as my FS100, I would be ecstatic. Downsampling, lack of pixel binning, whatever- I just want 2.5k Raw at 48/50/60 fps on this camera!! That would seal the deal for me =]
  12. Pretty exciting to finally get to see a little more footage out of the Blackmagic camera. It's so close to release you'd think we could get some raw files to pay around with. I don't want to jump to any conclusions, but did anyone notice all the moiré in the mesh of the chair by the window? I don't think thats from Vimeo... This camera does seem to produce very beautiful detail, and organic feeling video.
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