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  1. Thank you Fritz! I just got a loupe, air bulb, swabs and solution ordered. Gratefully, Bill
  2. Hello, attached is a 100% zoom in on a raw file showing the spot in question. Can anyone pretty clearly ID if this is "sensor dust" of some sort or is perhaps a pixel issue? Yes, this spot shows up with different lenses on in the same location on the screen. Before I head down the road of getting a loupe, swabs and solution, I wanted to see if anyone out there can confirm one way or the other. I look at the sensor on one of our gh4s and cannot see anything resembling this spot with the naked eye. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond! Gratefully, Bill Snyder Create Mobile
  3. Hello, wondering when, it you will have a Shooter's Guide for the GH-5. Got all previous models, would like to dive in for our next shoot in June. Thanks for giving us a date for release.
  4. I am confused. I did the recommended 44 mbit hack in EOSHD-GH2 Guide and selected PAL. Does that mean every mode I now shoot in will be PAL? So when I go to 24p cinema is it 24p or 25p? In EOSHD guide it recommends using the 24p cinema but I want PAL 25p for my productions...what should I use? Please give me the proper settings. If I am mistaken and the PAL hack would not allow 24p to be accessed I need to know that. It is confusing with my shooters asking me about this issue. Thank you kindly! Gratefully, Bill
  5. Newbie user. Just got the GH2 book. Didn't see the Canon FD 28mm f2 lens noted in the book. Any reason why it's not listed? Anyone use the 28mm on the GH2 and had good results? Thanks! Bill
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