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  1.   Not sure what you mean by WAY more proper.. they both shot charts, (not sure if provdeicoalitoin was shot in a completely black room) - PVC did also use a superior chart - but even in their assessment here http://provideocoalition.com/aadams/story/cameras_sony_fs700_dynamic_range_presentation/P2 They say "I see 13, maybe 14 stops, of which about 12 are usable." in referencing Cine Gamma 4.  12 is pretty close to 11.5   Since AbelCine did the test and got very similar DR results to the FS100 - using their 18 stop chart.  I would like to see what the FS100 would do on a Xyla 21 stop chart (used by PVC).  Perhaps the FS100 and many other cameras would come in with higher DR results.
  2. AbelCine has this cam at 11.5 stops. http://resources.abelcine.com/2012/05/11/testing-the-fs700-low-light-performance-dynamic-range-and-slow-motion/
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