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  1. [quote name='EOSHD' timestamp='1342406131' post='13937'] I want Rioch to succeed and I'm glad you seem quite taken with the little GXR. However there are more M mount digital solutions if you count the E-mount with adapter, Micro Four Thirds with adapter and even the Fuji X Pro 1. [/quote] as a user of m43 and much adapted glass i m aware of adapter solutions the gxr m mount is quite different... rather than retasking a sensor to use olderglass, it is designed from the sensor level up with in camera lens corrections and other m specific details as an m mount digital camera WITHOUT AN ADAPTER IN SITE , quite different from the offering of the nex system or the omdem5 epx or panny m43.... i own the gxr if you havn't guessed and am indeed quite taken .....and the gxr gets taken everywhere i go .....sean reid has a great review i reccomend highly .....btw i love reading the eoshd site great info consistently interestingly written ....always enjoyable... thanks, keep up the good work ALSO i was happy to see the gh2 make such an impressive showing
  2. the lovely black and white photograph above is actually a ricoh GXR body with a canon lens perched on it, ricoh gxr is the pinnicle of mirrorless at the moment offering at least 5 different sensors in three different sizes up to and including 3 different aps c ones ...... and the only other M mount digital solution in the world at the moment besides leicas. ricohs interface and features are ones real shooters care about and their logical thoughtul controls are the best making canon and nikon mnchine seem rube goldberg contraptions by comparison. should the canon mirrorless be anything like the unacknowledged ricoh gxr body above it will be excellent of that i am sure. one can dream
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