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  1. No it isn't and never was. The FS700 was never factually rated at 14 stops (i.e. film), or else more Cinematographers would've used it by now. Instead it's used as more of stop gap between DSLRs and the bigger digi-cinema bodies (Red, Alexa, F5, etc.). THOSE camears are rated between 13 and 14 stops. I've seen A LOT of tall claims on this forum from you guys about your cameras being 13-14 stops with zero discernible proof beyond personal claims. Factually, the FS700 has anywhere from 11-12, just like the FS100 did and so does the GH4. The gross exaggerations from you guys are ridiculous. I understand that you need to justify your purchases to yourselves (and to one another, akin to hardware posturing), but let's at least keep clean perspectives and refrain from....lying.
  2. Horses for courses, as Bloom would say. The Red still has the 4k and beyond resolution advantage and still rules in framerate variety. They're different conversations in features even they don't remain so in visual quality any longer. Canon raw doesn't suddenly rule out any use of the Red camera just because one is more accessible to you than the other.   Seriously.
  3. I can most definitely attest to the quality of the raw image acquisition. We just finished up a fashion film short based COMPLETELY off of the 50D's DNG RAW capture from Magic Lantern. Now the Directors I'm working with are super enthusiastic about Canon DSLR filming...just so long as CF cards are part of the budgetary plans :)   https://vimeo.com/69859027  
  4. Very satisfied with this. An awesome look for low budget indies or to cut alongside higher resolution super35 footage. ML has inadvertently created a super 16 raw frame just from the Digic 4's SD card setbacks. And it's awesome!
  5. I'm not sure if anyone notices, but I just did a test w/ these files (thanks, Andrew) upscaled to 1920 horiz-pix and the resolution clarity is effectively comparable to super 16mm film! Almost exactly, in fact. The same soft-sharpness. I'll do an upload of the image shortly. This is a FANTASTIC breakthrough!
  6. DPX is a mode meant for colorists, not so much for editors. You CAN edit in DPX, but it's not the best idea.
  7. Well after seeing the recent replies, I don't need to correct you on the DPX comment (especially since I work w/ dpx on a regular basis). However, its fairly obvious that the FS700 isn't 14-15 stops akin to film. Not by a long shot. However, RAW output certainly will give an extra stop of recoverable latitude.
  8. This is confusing. RAW and DPX are two different formats. Either it's to RAW or it's to DPX. Also where is this report of 15 stops DR? I don't see it anywhere other than on your website here. Also you said that even compressed in AVCHD mode, it was able to film at 15 stops, which just isn't true. Not by a long shot.   Any additional links on this?
  9. According to Bloom's site, Metabones is already making an M43 version. This EFFECTIVELY makes any excuse not to use the BMCC completely moot. As if that damn camera wasn't resolving enough lines as it is :)
  10. So I was wondering how everyone's '12 year went with cinematography as a whole. What I enjoy the most about this is getting a chance to learn from one another, share war stories and most of all, view everyone's reels from the previous 365 days. I'll start with mine to get things jumping off. I'd love to see everyone else's and the experiences in relation to their work    https://vimeo.com/57107763
  11. Sounds great, but for a 70mm sensor, 4k is WAY TOO small a resolution. That res is reserved for a 35mm sensor. If this is meant to be digital IMAX/65mm film quality, then the resolution should be hitting 10-12k instead. Hopefully a future firmware update will make it so.   Obviously not an indie filmmaker's camera, of course :)
  12. Very pleased w/ the skin tones for whatever picture style was being used. It's not exactly VisionColor, but very good nonetheless. I wouldn't call it a "professional" codec though. High bitrate, yes. But 8bit 420 is still 8bit 420 and unfortunately this is the deal w/ the HDMI out :-( Not liking that, but the picture looks good thus far :-)
  13. [quote name='bradleyg5' timestamp='1347939531' post='18414'] How do you guys know that it's going to be as sharp as the GH2? if it's using a totally different more conventional sensor it could just be soft OM-D quality with a higher bitrate. Still going to need to see some raw footage. Entirely different sensor leads me to question this will be as sharp as the previous camera. [/quote] [url="https://vimeo.com/49558910"]https://vimeo.com/49558910[/url] Watch the prototype footage.
  14. After seeing the prototype first shots ungraded [url="https://vimeo.com/49558910"]https://vimeo.com/49558910[/url], NOW I am convinced. Highlights SEEM on a Canon level finally so far, though I want to see some night time shots w/ street lamps. But, so far looks great. And skin tones seem on point too. Definitely impressed so far. Take my money!
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