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  1. A little over the top but interesting review none the less. How come the XZ-1 wasn't mentioned, but others like the LX-5 and S100 were? I mean, it has a better lens, which is brighter (f/1.8-2.5), good range and wide (24mm). Also, you can use an EVF (the VF-2) on it. Anyway, RX100 looks really good. I just wished it goes wider (than 28mm) and is brighter at the long (instead of being f/4.9). Other than that, it's great. It has more physical controls than NEX-5N and a sensor as big as Nikon 1, but with more resolution and better lens. I agree that it kind of makes lower end mirrorless and DSLR obsolete, especially when only using the kit lens. And let's face it, the majority don't buy a second lens, so for them, this makes sense. That said, I'll wait for other makers to release their new premium P&S, like the LX-7 and XZ-2. I hope it would have a similarly sized sensor. That would be great. If not, I'll pick up an RX100. @Trankilstef: slrclub.com is Korean.
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