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  1. Hey Andy, 2 questions: - How does a STABILIZED lens perform with in camera stabilization? I imagine it to perform extremely well in combination. That may "relativize" - if that s an English word – your verdict. - Does it have Active Mode? And if so, how does it perform to standard steady shot? Sony provides balanced steady shot to some camcorders, which performs extremely well. I wonder why they didn t implement similar tech to mirrorless... Thanks. Z
  2. Since Sony has developed their multishot technology in recent years, i can imagine that for each pixel three shots are taken (RGB) that are composed together. If there is camera movement and a pixel receives three different kinds of light information, the algorithms must provide for the loss of colour information. So, I guess you end up with noise, too. In multishot tech, usually blurred shots are omitted. It is a trade-off, and it doesn t work for RAW. Also, with long exposure, does it mean that the filter array switches endlessly until you have your minute or so of exposure time? Wonder how that figures.
  3. RX100 Questions, to get it down to a dummy level:   - So, 50p onto a 25p timeline is generally OK? And how comes exposure into play here? if possible never under 1/50 and over 1/120 or so? In sun light you have to go up to 1/500 sometimes, though. And what happens in low light when you have to go 1/25 (in 50p)? Footage seems just about alright, but have not dealt with placing it on various timelines etc.   - When I drop 50i on 25p timeline it doesn t really feel like original 25p data, FCP X seems to be doing something with it (?). Never worked with interlaced containers/wraps, looks like trouble...   - DRO in video creates visible noise in shadows, so why recommend it? Not so flat image profile seems preferable to ugly noise.   Thanks for all the tips so far.
  4. Well, at the moment I must shoot with mpg (what is it 30fps or 25fps), so with high shutter speed any movement that s faster than a snail looks stroboscopic, I hate that. OK there will be workarounds with those lens attachments, ND foil or the like. BTW I compared mpg and AVCHD stills, no remarkable difference (if at all) despite compression rate difference.
  5. Shot at Tempelhof Airport, too bright of a light, f11 (max) and had to increase shutter to 1/300 and shorter to fight the light, welcomed the clouds. ND filter would be good or up to f20 (dont know about tech. restrictions here).
  6. Andy's suggestion, contrast -3, doesn t really work on the RX100, creates too much noise in the shadows (or was it the DRO?). However, there are loads of other options, still figuring out - a hint: there is portrait mode, too.
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