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  1. Hi, what could you say about the FVD-16A compared to the Aivascope Focuser8 ? Thanks
  2. Hello, here is another one, same setup... (century optics +7 macro diopter for the macro shots) https://vimeo.com/228558719
  3. According to Aivascope it is designed for small anamorphic lens like : "Moller-Anamorphot 8/19/1.5x Yashica Scope 1.5x Kowa Prominar 8 2x Isco S8 2x / Animex Isco Gottingen Anamorphot 1.5x VM Lens Anamorphic 1.5x Baby Hypergonar And others vintage 8mm film scopes" and it also works with bigger scope lens (soft corners)
  4. Yes, the 40.5 just screws right on to the Möller. I use a redclamp. Here is the rig I used for the footages... Gh4 - Edelkrone Pocket rig on lens support - M43 to canon FD - Canon FD 50mm 1.4 -55mm to 52mm - red clamp - Möller - 40.5mm to 52mm - Focuser8- 67mm to 72mm - BW nd filter - lens hood
  5. Sure, here is the focuser8 mounted to the Möller with the step-up ring 40.5mm to 52mm
  6. Thanks! Yes the focus ring is not so smooth. Maybe with time it will loosen up. There is a little allen wrench provided, maybe it's for loosening it up. The focus throw is a little short but we get used to it. It remains perfectly manageable. I attached it to the Moller with a step-up ring 40.5mm to 52mm, fits perfectly. Overall I'm very satisfied, build quality is very good and I'm very pleased about the picture.
  7. Thanks! you're right, that is not a "holiday rig" but definitely usable total weight of 4/3 to FD+Canon+redclamp+Möller+Focuser8 is 950g, so similar or less than Sigma 18-35+speedbooser Sorry, I haven't seen so much flare, this my first test and can't compare with other lens. I have to test more, in direct sunlight...
  8. Salut les copains, Here is my first test of the Focuser 8 from Aivascope Shot on a GH4 in 4k 24p with cineV profile Anamorphic lens is Möller Anamorphot 32 2X Taking lens is Canon FD 50mm 1.4 (f4 and f5.6)
  9. On Atomos Ninja 2, is it possible to record : audio pcm (Yagh xlr) + video 1080p 10 bits 4.2.2 from hdmi out of Yagh ?
  10. The monitor on top looks like the sony clm-v55...
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