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  1. Has anyone tried to do something like 10fps bursts at full resolution for photography purposes?
  2. [quote name='cameraboy' timestamp='1347522016' post='17878'] looks like that nikon did better job ... [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FTrz2p-vgs[/media] but its too early to make any decision.... [/quote] From the first look- i think the Nikon has done much better. Better even than the D800.
  3. I definitely think that MFT is here to stay. And i consider that to be a good thing. The facts speak for themselves- the format can bring high- end technology to a consumer level (imagine if Kubrick could have shot movies at iso 1600, F0.95, with a budget of 2000$). And yes it is currently expensive, but at the core it is rather overpriced than inherently expensive, and in free-market economy, that is bound to change. While we're on the subject- it also kind of pisses me off that every manufacturer needs to have a new mount for every new camera system they release, but cameras come a
  4. I'm pretty sure they will make active MFT mount version in the future too. It takes a lot more time to develop the electronics than a piece of metal for the mount. I see this as a response to all the hassle about limited wide angle on the EF/PL versions.
  5. I still don't get why didn't they just make it with a micro 4/3 mount. It seems that the technical information on the mount/lenses is available, since it's used across different manufacturers.
  6. I am 99% sure that it will be a 650d with an EVF and slimmer body. If Canon had a new sensor, they would have already put it in the 650, otherwise they would have a product in their own lineup that would compete with their dslrs. Also the pancake lens is probably a sign of an ef-s mount, i think they developed this so that they have at least something to put on the mirrorless.
  7. Unfortunately the price isn't 700$ in the EU- it is around 1000$ for the body only, import taxes applied.
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