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  1. Has anyone tried to do something like 10fps bursts at full resolution for photography purposes?
  2. [quote name='cameraboy' timestamp='1347522016' post='17878'] looks like that nikon did better job ... [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FTrz2p-vgs[/media] but its too early to make any decision.... [/quote] From the first look- i think the Nikon has done much better. Better even than the D800.
  3. I definitely think that MFT is here to stay. And i consider that to be a good thing. The facts speak for themselves- the format can bring high- end technology to a consumer level (imagine if Kubrick could have shot movies at iso 1600, F0.95, with a budget of 2000$). And yes it is currently expensive, but at the core it is rather overpriced than inherently expensive, and in free-market economy, that is bound to change. While we're on the subject- it also kind of pisses me off that every manufacturer needs to have a new mount for every new camera system they release, but cameras come and go, but the glass stays and every lens made has a character, and MFT is the only way all of these lenses will still be usable when, inevitably, some of the current mounts go obsolete. Plus, with circuit manufacturing costs constantly lowering, with the next batch of dslrs, in 3 years, the crop sensor dslrs could as well be abolished completely, as it wouldn't make sense to put all this expensive technology around a cheap piece of silicon. So it would make sense that the sensor sizes would converge to MFT and FF (probably also E-mount and mirrorless aps-c s).
  4. I'm pretty sure they will make active MFT mount version in the future too. It takes a lot more time to develop the electronics than a piece of metal for the mount. I see this as a response to all the hassle about limited wide angle on the EF/PL versions.
  5. I still don't get why didn't they just make it with a micro 4/3 mount. It seems that the technical information on the mount/lenses is available, since it's used across different manufacturers.
  6. I am 99% sure that it will be a 650d with an EVF and slimmer body. If Canon had a new sensor, they would have already put it in the 650, otherwise they would have a product in their own lineup that would compete with their dslrs. Also the pancake lens is probably a sign of an ef-s mount, i think they developed this so that they have at least something to put on the mirrorless.
  7. Unfortunately the price isn't 700$ in the EU- it is around 1000$ for the body only, import taxes applied.
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