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    GH3 Hack

    I understand your talk about the bitrates etc. But for me the focus peaking is most important. An imabe in focus (even at lower bitrate) looks superb to a picture with say 200 bitrate ALL-INTRA out of focus... or AF trying to find the focus. Specially watched from a telly that is mostly still SD (or interpolated to HD) signal... LOL I would be just happy w GH3 otherwise .. but since GH4 has focus peaking I just go for it. Good for Panny. Bad for mi wallet.
  2. Good work man! I use RODE videomic PRO as well ... but I have found when I lift the gain up from -20 to "middle" it boosts up the LED´s in my GH2 to red in many cases - even though the internal rec level in my GH2 is in minimum! So I never even once used the +20db yet. I also bought one JuicedLink 2 years ago (without the headfone and meters) for 550D & 1Dmk4 .. but I havent used that since I got my GH .. ;) Another thig the "factory" FirmWare audio bit rate is quite low in GH2 .. if you really intend to use that sound I advice to hack it - even though it isnt playable in the camera anymore.
  3. Many thanks Axel ! I am only getting now to the more professional color correction .. so this is why I also got interested of the subject... ;)
  4. Thanks for the info! I use GH2 and edit with FCX. Like the workflow so much, not going for Premiere. Does the same clipping problem occur there? If yes, does it make any difference if I import (inside FCX) the AVCHD files from card > to ProRes ... or use some other conversion before importing to FCX? The other way around I have done before in "the old days" with FCP7 is I converted my AVCHD files in Elgato Turbo 264.HD to H.264 > and from that via MPGstreamclip to ProRes. Yes, that was time consuming and I´m glad those days are over man... Anyone? Best, Jaskair
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