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  1. I know lot of it is the person operating the camera, but if Canon is just is still shooting "sub 720p levels of resolution in 1080p mode," and most wedding videos are not shot in 1080p(as that is what people are demanding) then advantage is there to the 60D over say the FS100, or  Blackmagic Cinema Camera? Would it be the lens support, or is low light still that much better on the 60D(or is that non-factor with led lights attached to the hotshoe) vs the others listed in the article? Thank you for the reply.
  2. This is an interesting topic. I was at a wedding on Sunday and I noticed the two handheld video cameras was actually a 60D with a prime lens(not sure which one). On the other hand the camera that was on the camera dolly for over head shots and stuff was the C300, maybe even possibly the C500. Didn't realize that camera could easily be match by something like my GH2(not sure if you were referring to a hacked model or both). If that is the case why don't more companies use the devices with the likes of the GH2, or FS100 as they would be cheaper and lighter(at least in the case of the G
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