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  1. I've been hanging out here for a while and this site led me to getting a GH2 last year. I bought a few fd lenses which work quite nicely. I haven't hacked the cam yet but am looking for recommendations on which one I should use for a horror/thriller type film. Also the type of settings that allow for the best flexibility to grade in post.   Let me know what you think of what I shot for a teaser for a feature I am going to make.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88vXq3v8eTY     Thanks in advance.   Mike
  2. I'd like to know a good adapter too. I have gh2 and have some canon glass but would like to use some of my DX lenses. Wouldn't I have to set the fstop on the nikon first and then put it on the gh2?
  3. @piz what patch are you using? I am interested in trying Driftwood's patch. Where can I get it?
  4. Is it possible I need to do something with the mount? I'm guessing that it is the wrong distance from the sensor. Does that sound right? Solutions?
  5. That looks nice. Thanks for your input.
  6. I am shooting a film mostly outdoors and at least half of it at night. Any suggestions for the best hack for low light situations? I've some pretty fast glass.
  7. Hi, I bought a couple c mount lenses a while back and really haven't had a chance to try them out until now. One is a pentax 6mm 1.2 and I cannot seem to get it to focus. I had to unscrew the tiny screws on the side to allow movement of the focus and aperture rings to use them. Similar to this: http://www.avsupply.com/Pentax-Cosmicar/c22525kp-b2514d-kp.php The other is a computar tv lens 25mm 1.3 and the blades are not open as there are wires off to the side which makes me think I purchased the wrong lens. Perhaps there's something I can do to open it up. Any and all advice is appreciated.
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