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  1. Hey guys, Did some hunting but couldn't find any solid info, its late here in Australia and im just looking for some quick answers. Im sure others could benefit from this too. I used to shoot 5D with isco 36 and FCP 7. life was easy! haha. Ive made the move to GH2 + isco and now in adobe premiere. Few things im wondering. -Best way to unsqueeze my 1.5x 1080 24p footage? theres those presets in the modify section but nothing for 1.5x -What sort of export settings are you guys using? -finally i am running the Flow Motion v2.02 hack on the GH2, may sound dumb but how can i check my data rate to make sure its working? any easy way? ^^^^^ IMPORTANT! thanks guys
  2. have a 36. might part for the right money. pm me
  3. [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Yea, im not real keen on buying another FF. I have the Cavision RFD15BM which i really like and i don't really wanna stack ANOTHER base plate haha.[/font] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]If there was someone local who could 'cinemod' aka put a permanent flat lens gear on my isco front i would just do that, but there's not alot of knowledge in Australia about Iscorama. EDIT, may have found someone actually![/font] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]going to see if i can find a way to make the front section flat so then i can run any lens gear.[/font]
  4. thanks tony! i sent off a few emails then. hopefully i can get a fucking solid adapter to get rid of one of the issues. im going to try be creative over the weekend and nut out a way to make one of my lens gears work.
  5. Hey guys, I'm having a bit of an issue with my Isco 36 and lens gears. I need to be able to rack focus obviously but I am having trouble finding a suitable lens gear that will sit happily on the front focus ring area of the Isco due to its slightly slanted surface. I have tried the D|Gears which are no good for it and the Wideopencamera/halfinchrails 'ziptie gears' which I really like but still have the same issue of not sitting flat because of the slanted surface on the front section of the lens. I guess this kind of relates to the other topic about 'real projects shot with anamorphic setups' as I need a solid sustainable solution that i don't have to worry about. Another issue I'm having is with m42-EOS adapters, I'm using a Helios 44-2 58mm and a Tair 11a 135mm, ive tried seveal different adapters but none are super solid and when I try to rack focus i get some lens movement which is HORRRRIBLLLLEEEEE and makes me cringe at the sight of it. Who can point me in the right direction of a good solid bloody adapter? are the fotodiox ones worth the money? My other thought was a lens support half way along my rails, might help with the movement I was talking about above. Anyway, enough out of me. Thanks guys, Rob.
  6. mr wilson your a smart man, agree x 10! on topic, i will be doing some 'real projects' 100% shot on iscorama 36 in the next few weeks. will report back soon
  7. Hey lads! Digging the new forum layout. I recently got my hands on a 36, loving it thus far.. will have plenty of content up with it soon. Just a quick one, does anyone know where i can pick up a rear cap for it? don't want the rear element getting scratched. Cheers! Rob.
  8. ^^Right on the money. I'm not some obsessive camera test freak! (i dont hate on them anyway). Everyone has different perceptions of what looks nice and what doesn't. The average joe wouldn't know the difference between a 50L cropped to 2.35:1 and a Isco in its natural habitat but i guess thats the game we all play in. I realize the cost of them right now is just ridiculous, hence why i haven't picked one up yet. Like Fugue_state1 said, the only reason (well the main reason) they are so popular is the ease of use, focusing is ten fold easier with the Isco's. Also, in my personal opinion anything wider than 1.5x squeeze is a bit crazy, especially for internet playback.. projection is a different story. I personally love the 'look' that the adaptors produce infront of a full frame chip, once again personal taste. I can promise you all you will love what i do with it when i get my mitts on one :P
  9. yea, saw that one... bit ridiculous if you ask me.
  10. Hey guys, Im on a serious hunt for any of the Iscorama's (1.5x) (36/42/54) if you have anything or know of anything, please email me at robtilbury@live.com.au thanks very much Rob.
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