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  1. So there is a mere 64 lines between me and continuous 14-Bit RAW in HD? That is VERY promissing. Where can I find that built? And did you test it in the field, shot some projects only relying on it or had any difficulties while using it extensively on a shoot with another major camera? I am actually baffled by the new chart. And that it works on the much cheaper Komputerbay cards, too, of which I could easily afford a couple of 128 GB. How many minutes can you record uninterrupted? Does it simply create a new file after hitting the 4GB limit, that you can merge afterwards with the previous one with no dropped frames? Can I shoot like 20 Minutes in one take this way?!?   Don't want to seem greedy, but that is awesome news already, I just hope it gets all the sweeter ;).   Greetz, Matt
  2. Hello guys.   before I start with my actual issue, I wanted to thank you, Andrew, for your great site with loads of usefull articles on the ever surprising world of DSLR video. I'm an avid reader since almost 2 years and will continue to be so. Having watched some of your test videos I, in hindsight, even recall having seen you 'in the field' once on Berlin Museum Island ;).   Anyway, one of the most recent surprises in this world of DSLR video (although already half a year old) was RAW video. It went so far as (nearly) HD RAW can now be recorded continuously on my 'prehistoric' 5DM2 and given that the vintage Canon video codec is so crappy, this is actually an improvement in image detail even if it hasn't reached FullHD (and never will) in RAW.   I am, yet, still reluctant to devote a whole project to my magic-lanterned 5DM2 in RAW as I have not yet purchased a fast enough card and only experimented with short clips from it. Yet i got infected with the RAW virus earlier this year after working with a BMCC. My questions/concerns regarding my Canon camera are the following two: 1. Has anyone in here shot a whole project (short, commercial, music video, probably even parts of a feature?!?!) totally relying on a 5DM2's RAW mode and 2. what is the highest resolution in which I can record in 16:9 continuously? As I predominantly want to film for the internet, this is the aspect ratio to go for me, yet I'm still lacking the neccessary UDMA7 CF-Card to try out myself. Of course I carefully studied [url=http://nofilmschool.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Magic-Lantern-raw-chart-7-4-13.jpg]this chart[/url], but it's actually not saying anything explicit on continuous recording in 16:9 aspect ratio.   Would be nice to hear some experiences from people who have shot on the fastest possible cards.   Greets, Matthias
  3. The footage looks good for what it is, but what it is, is not at all representative for the qualities of a camera, it's too stylized for that - just a couple of Macro shots. That just increases my distrust and it should worry the manufacturers that a lot of what they show and tell us seems misleading to us (or just me?). I wouldn't dare judging on basis of this footage, and I'd dare say no big company would put a video like that into circulation to show qualities of a camera: No BlackMagic, no Canon would do that, not to mention the big ones from Arri, Red, Sony or Panavision. Sorry, to me this video is nothing. And that's more a criticism on their marketing than on the article itself, of which nothing representative I've seen so far. Might be a good camera, but I just don't know, yet.   Greets, Matt
  4. Yeah, so it does with my 5DM2. I don't upload a lot on vimeo, but this neat little timelapse that I did for fun bothered me because nothing but aliasing ruined it.   https://vimeo.com/47711989   Now totally a thing of the past :).   Greets, Matt
  5. Thanks for the great first hand look on the effects of the booster that seem all positive, after all. Only thing that bothers me is the rather petulant tone to it. Does anybody still cast even a shadow of doubt over this being a real to change of the game? I'd call this person an ignoramus. And how does this new development make full frame arguments uttered beforehand sound invalid? They don't seem valid anymore, yet, a lot of great shorts have been made with full frame DSLRs until now, that couldn't have been made without, well, full frame cameras. I mean we are talking of almost 5 years between the dawn of the 5DM2 and now! Eventually, FINALLY, crop factor will be a thing of the past, as most camera companies might think of developing their own speed boosters for their models, but before that, there hadn't been an actual point in deminishing that full frame does make a difference in creating a cinematic look. It doesn't create it without a fair amaount of work done in lighting, shot design etc., but it was one part of the equasion. Even most 16mm filmers would have gone for 35mm if they had had the money, right? I totally agree that this alongside the BMCC is going to change the market in a way never seen before. The 5D opened the door 5 years ago, but Metabones/BlackMagic fully enter the new world NOW. Only thing to be wished for on the camera side (and let's face it, we've already become a pretty spoiled bunch!) is the elimination of rolling shutter. That would make a speed booster-equipped BMCC a really nice party pooperfor  Canon's halfa**ed forays into cinema camera tech.   Greets, Matt
  6. Yeah, quite what i expected, unfortunately. I was lucky, though, in finding a guy with a completely new spare one living in France, selling it to me. Saved me around 115 € (!) in shipping costs, taxes and customs over all. Big luck that was.   Greetings, Matthias
  7. Hey, folks,   does anyone of you know whether there are (online) shops within the EU that distribute Mosaic Engineering's anti-aliasing filter? M.E. themselves charge 40 USD extra for delivery from the US to Germany excluding(!) customs dues. I feel like there should be a way to avoid these high charges and still get the product. Anyone with some advise?   Greetings, Matthias
  8. If that isn't an awesome reply  ;). And although my father just confirmed that two of the five lenses are damaged, what I have are a 35mm, a 50mm and a 135 mm lens from Canon in great condition. Yet, as I am lacking focal lenghths under 35mm I should probably 'widen out' with one additional glass going to like 18mm. One of the many advantages of owning a 5D as yoour main cam: it's easier to go wider on it, as I've fallen in love especially with wider shots. But I will just wait a bit for the GH2 to get cheaper (probably in the wake of the GH3) and then I'll get me my second cam 8). Greetings, Matt
  9. Hello everybody, this is my first post in this forum and I want to thank EOSHD for some great content and information that I get from you guys. Also you have raised my interest in the GH1/GH2 by Panasonic. This interest is yet also related to another fact: My father owns a canon AE-1, that he doesn't use anymore, with a whole bunch of beautiful FD-lenses that you can not reasonably mount on any DSLR video camera other than Micro-Four-Thirds like the GH1/2/(and a probably upcoming 3). Do you have any experiences or educated guesses on how well these lenses will perform on the GH1/2 with regards to filming predominantly? I own a 5D MII but rather than investing in good new glasses again and again, I started to consider having a GH2 as a second cam for just about 600 € with like 5 high-quality lenses already available for me (excluding costs for adapters, of course). Thanks already for your answers, Greetings, Matt
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