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  1. When will the GH3 be available for purchase?
  2. JHines - how'd you get past the Canon and RED troll-detector? Tokina 11mm 2.8 or Sigma 10mm 3.5 are plenty wide - shooting wider than 25mm on Super35 is considered pretty trivial and only something that is done for an artistic effect. Most films are shot between 25mm - 35mm. As for aperture, most films are shot between F4 - F5.6. Now please take the negativity back to REDUSER - they love negativity a whole lot there. You'll fit right in.
  3. Some morons over at RedUser already talking shit: [url="http://reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?83028-Black-Magic-Design-Cinema-Camera-update"]http://reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?83028-Black-Magic-Design-Cinema-Camera-update[/url] They're calling the BMCC a "toy" and that it "doesn't perform great in the field". I'm sure that's what others said about RED when they were up and coming...I can't wait to see indie films shot on the BMCC that obliterate indie films shot on RED.
  4. I think I've figured it out, but I don't wanna ruin the surprise ;)
  5. We need the Esper!!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkcU0gwZUdg
  6. Well...I won't be sleeping tonight! Andrew, can I ask you this at least - will those of us that have ordered a Blackmagic Cinema Camera be disappointed in our pre-orders?
  7. Will you still be buying a BMC, Andrew? Or put the money towards an FS700?
  8. I saw that Wellington FS700 test earlier, but to be honest, didn't like it much. Everyone with an FS700 seems to be over-exposing. Believe it or not, this is the best FS700 footage I've seen to date: https://vimeo.com/44984653
  9. This is great news! However, something seems to be holding the FS700 back - 8bit colour-space perhaps? I'm not sure what it is, but it's something. Regardless, I'm still confident in my Blackmagic purchase - 13stops of DR + 10bit/12bit is where I feel it's at. Dynamic-range is important (the most important for me), but colour-space sits an ultra-close second.
  10. [quote author=amband link=topic=884.msg6447#msg6447 date=1340549759]I got news for you.  Canon is a fine still camera.  It is not a motion camera, as Canon will tell you.  All this DSLR nonsense has been driven by indie ( read penniless without knowledge ) movie makers looking to do things on the cheap The " lack of innovation " for DSLR is intentional, as they have never had any intention of threatening their own camcorder line.  Canon are running a profit making business, not a charity for movie directors, and if everyone recognized this simple fact ( not opinion ) in the first place we all would have saved ourselves problems The blackmagic should do well, even if it is CMOS and not CCD, like the Bolex digital.  God knows how that will go? [/quote] Well, you haven't been paying attention have you? - Canon markets their DSLRs as motion-cameras - they constantly do press-releases how their DSLRs have been used for films and TV shows time and time again. They pay Hollywood cinematographers, amongst other influential filmmaking bloggers, to endorse their DSLRs as movie-making cameras. And no, Canon's only "fine" cameras sit above $15,000. And listen here, mate - if it wasn't for the "penniless movie makers" you mock, Canon's DSLR sales would be languishing severely. 80% of all 5DMK2 sales last year were bought primarily for video use according to an in-house Canon survey (I'd share the link, but can't currently find it in my bookmarks). The 5DMK3 will only compete with the D800 due to three things; cleaner ISO performance, it's lack of moire/aliasing (at the cost of shitty resolution), and legacy full-frame EF lens owners. In photography terms, recent tests have put the 5DMK3's dynamic-range at 11.7, with the D800's Sony sensor sits well above 14. Even in still-photography, the only thing the 5DMK3 has going for it is ISO performance. It gets demolished in terms of sharpness and detail, let alone dynamic-range. If Canon was being run by innovative, intelligent people, they would have sold the C300 for $8000, with 1080 60P and 4K 12bit RAW out via 3G/HD-SDI - instead, they got greedy and charged $16,000 for a 1080P camera running an 8-bit codec! You wanna talk profits? Every single indie-filmmaker on Earth would have bought a C300 for $8000 if it had 1080 60P and 4K 12bit RAW out via 3G/HD-SDI - CANON NEGLECTED THE VERY PEOPLE THAT GAVE THEM A FOOTHOLD IN THE FILMMAKING WORLD - it was the indie filmmakers, who according to you are "without knowledge", that gave Canon street-credibility amongst filmmakers. That is the simple fact that you can't recognise! I used to love Canon. Now I hope Blackmagic and Sony bury them in the ground where they belong.
  11. Still looks like shit. Canon is shit. I hope they suffer for their greed and lack of innovation. With the imminent release of the Blackmagic Camera, C300′s, and virtually every other EF mount “cinema” camera are about to lose a shitload of value. 13 stops of dynamic-range, 2.5K resolution, 10bit 4:2:2 ProRes/12bit RAW with a base ISO of 800 for $3000? The downfall of the greedy bastards has begun. When Blackmagic releases an APS-C version, hypothetically speaking, in 12 – 18 months for $6000, with better low-light ability and all of the current features of the Blackmagic camera, what is Canon going to do? Drop their C500 to $6000? HELL NO! Canon’s glory-days are behind them – if only they would snap out of their arrogance and realise it!
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