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  1. any review with an "affiliate link" for the product getting reviewed is immediately purged from my browser.
  2. I don't get the surprise? So many people keep pooping on Nikon for releasing mid tier cameras with "crappy" f/1.8 lenses and "amateur" f/4 zooms. How dare!. Arguing instead they should focus on heavy expensive f/2 zooms and 1.2 primes like canon had first...while ignoring fast optics are not cheap optics. So maybe there was a reason why they did this 'crappy' f/1.8 lens lineup first as it is a better fit for the price point on the cameras, and judging by the MTF charts, those f/1.8 lenses and the new mount's inherited design freedoms should make them optically excellent without asking over 2 t
  3. ORLY? I'm seeing a lot of: OMG 1 SD card no! OMG no IBIS!. OMG no EF compatibility w/o adapters! Say nothing of the poor EF-M people who are wondering how, if ever, they will mount full frame mirrorless R glass and what's going to happen to their EF-M lens investment should canon slap a cropped sensor on the R mount. The AF system looked good until you read it is only -6ev using a f/1.2 lens, and the fps looked good until you read it is w/o AF that it achieves that paper number. Servo mode release priority drops to 5fps and focus priority to 3fps. It has an optical low pass filter to soften th
  4. given nikon has no movie body variant, this is a pretty pointless comparison I'd still take a sony over the 1DXC anything but I wasn't expecting the still photography model to really do much with video in much the same way the 1DX still photo variant did nothing meaningful with video. Who knew
  5. I mostly lurk but I couldn't let this go. For the most part I respect the author's POV and attempts to sound impartial, but I think he's showing a bit too much bias this time. We all know this is a D800s. It is just a mild update based on a sensor designed for stunning still photography (which to date, no 35mm digital sensor matches it, and this further improves it). So all the 4K gear we see today was designed from the ground up to support this feature. The D810 sensor is a refinement of the stellar 2 year old sensor. Therefore I don't think Nikon is really behind, or any more behind
  6. [quote author=odedia link=topic=692.msg5103#msg5103 date=1336601974] I doubt this is specific to the D800E model. Same would probably happen with the D800. Look at the tennis video shot with the D800 model in this page: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/nikon-d800-d800e/24 And read Dan Chung's post regarding moire issues with the D800. Nikon just needs to up their game in terms of video... They're close, but still not quite there. http://www.dslrnewsshooter.com/2012/04/01/video-shootout-nikon-d800-vs-canon-5d-mkiii/ [/quote] 1) no worse than 5DmkII and certainly tha
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