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  1. [quote name='Xiong' timestamp='1345788507' post='16374'] Im a guy who plans to go back to school while trying to create stories on the side, if this camera claims to be what it is then im incredibly excited. I dont have alot of extra money, im planing on getting a GH2 by the end of the year because it suit my needs as a person delving into this field more seriously in the future. By next year I plan on actually getting this as an upgrade(If it proves to be true of what it claims to be). My point is that I cant be spending money on a high end camera or incredible gear/r
  2. There were/are quite large over-heating problems with the 5n. With a even larger sensor how will they fix it?
  3. [quote name='gene_can_sing' timestamp='1344316165' post='15039'] To me it felt really soft, even though I know it was shot with a really shallow DOF. Not sure how to describe it, but when you see shallow stuff shot with cameras like the RED or even the FS700, the parts that are in focus have a certain crispness to it that is not mushy. This footage just look really soft all around, kind of like the Canon DSLRs where even the stuff that is in focus feels kind of mushy. But hey, that's a look unto itself. For $3K, it's a steal. [/quote] It could be th
  4. [quote author=piz link=topic=637.msg4755#msg4755 date=1335483529] There's probably no one alive anymore but it would be interesting to know how early cinematographers during silent films era who shot at 16fps  felt when 24fps + sound became standard and if there was any resistance to it.    It's obvious that due to those technical advances the narratives that film dealt with began to drastically change.  I think this is the same shift in paradigm.  Higher frame rates + 3D have a different feel that can be applied to a certain type of presentation for a g
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