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  1. I want to second Garug's comment about the grip. Gimbals are pretty ubiquitous now, and I wish camera designers would account for the fact that we don't need a handle permanently attached to the camera anymore. Of course, I suppose they still need somewhere to stash the battery.
  2. I wish Panasonic would abandon the built-in, pop-up flash in favor of an articulated EVF.
  3. 3D and 48fps - like all cinema tech - constitute aesthetic choices.  We may as well debate whether or not color film or sync sound are cinematic - or if black & white film is still relevant.  It's like a bunch of painters debating watercolors vs. oils.  There is a time and place for any aesthetic choice.  That said... Peter Jackson is proving yet again that he is terribly unqualified to helm Tolkien films.  When it comes to rendering Tolkien's work for cinema he fails with the narrative and - consequentially - he cannot help but fail aesthetically. 
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