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  1. [quote author=5DGH link=topic=631.msg4628#msg4628 date=1335298496] I understand the disappointment but come on...we're talking about stills cameras here. Canon and Nikon aren't going down because it can't compete with true video cams. Nikon did good regardless of total ignorance from video market. Look at GH2 that's [url=http://www.best-toaster-oven.com/toaster-ovens-our-top-picks/]best toaster oven[/url] been praised over and over. Such great stills camera that offers superb video function didn't save Panasonic stills camera division at all. As told by Panny staff himself, it's just a niche market. [/quote] Totally agree, Canon and Nikon are still best at what they were first intended to do : photography.
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