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    marcuswolschon got a reaction from GoatheSeajets in A look at the new GoPro Hero 3 iPhone app - iPhone as wireless monitor and remote control   
    Is the iOS version also shutting down the live-video of the Hero3 Black while the camera is recording like the Android version?
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    marcuswolschon reacted to Joetsu in Panasonic GH3 real-world test (pre-production firmware)   
    QUOTE: I feel that Panasonic need a full frame sensor flagship model because there is a cultural issue with customers who think bigger is always better. No matter how good the GH3, the Lumix brand will always be seen as being lesser than Canon and Nikon without that fabled full frame camera. Even if the margins are very slim and the resources required to develop a whole new lens range significant, a full frame mirrorless camera from Panasonic would have a halo affect on the whole range from top to bottom.

    I couldn't disagree more. Panny lost nearly $5b this past financial year, $25b accumulated loss over the past 5 years. The enormous investment to develop a FF camera and lenses from scratch would be financial folly. A far, far better uses of scares resources is to put it into making even better GHx cameras and lenses. Panny is in niche of two and can help take it mainstream. To cut back on investment here in order to compete with Canon, Nikon, Sony etc on their FF turf from scratch for the sake of a debatable halo affect would result in us all losing.
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    marcuswolschon reacted to AdR in Panasonic GH3 real-world test (pre-production firmware)   
    Thanks for the review.

    Can the GH3 do 1/48 shutter @ 24p? (180 degree shutter)

    GH2 can only do 1/40 or 1/50.

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    marcuswolschon reacted to marino mannarini in The Panasonic GH3 is here   
    The press release doea not mention it. Techradar has had a preprod cam and says peaking is not there
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    marcuswolschon reacted to marino mannarini in The Panasonic GH3 is here   
    Looks like there is no peaking...techradar says.
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