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  1. @Axel:[quote name='Axel' timestamp='1347893999' post='18349'] Peaking: You are all wrong. Even the GH2 has peaking and I hope it will still be implemented in the GH3. I am used to it, and I can focus intuitively and without pumping back and forth. It is not colored, that's what you probably mean, and better so, because I find red peaking distracting. Check your viewfinder and your display, it can't be deactivated. The rest: Let's just wait a few days, and we will see ... [/quote] What do you mean that GH2 has focus peaking??
  2. The press release doea not mention it. Techradar has had a preprod cam and says peaking is not there
  3. Looks like there is no peaking...techradar says.
  4. I liked that!. As in photography, knowing how to use wides properly gives some remarkable result, that feeling for the watcher to be IN the scene. wow. remarkable what you could get from such a video-unfriendly little cam.
  5. I wish Vitaly could find a way to solve this crazy shadows locking issue in the compression...You really have no shoulder to work on in editing. Last night i was shooting in a Theatre, and i had to be very careful not to blow the higlights on actor's faces and white dresses, so i got very dark shadows in the background. I was using Nostalgic mode zeroed, but as i tried to open up a tad the shadows, it looked terrible.
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