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  1. Maybe the reason why Canon, Panasonic, Sony and Nikon aren't serving the video-community more, is because we're a very small group amongst the greater mass of amateur or professional stills-shooters. I mean, every tourist on holiday nowadays has a DSLR, but how many people are (aspiring) filmmakers using DSLRs? For the big Japanese 4 we are just peanuts, and that means we are not their priority.

    An other reason may be the fact that they are Japanese companies. The Japanese tend to make small evolutionary steps, not big revolutionary ones. It's not in their nature, I think. They're not people who'd like to improvise or be flexible, and that's what you need to be if you want to make a revolutionary product. I do agree now that BlackMagic sets a new benchmark, surely the big 4 will follow, but slowly. It took Canon more than 3 years to address the issues on the 5DmkII, and still they didn't get it completely right, so there's no chance they will release a firmware update for the 5DmkIII in 3 months.

    I have a 60D myself and I absolutely love the cinematographic feel of the image it produces, but I have to cope with the limited dynamic range, the noise, the codec issues. I sure hope that BlackMagic raised a black horse here, but I still want to see more (graded) images before I buy it...
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