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  1. Slight bump The backfocus of this lens is around 10mm. It actually produces pretty good images, but infinity focus willl require modification to the lens or camera It fully covers full frame sensors
  2. No, they're all designed for 6x6 formats. Some of the longer focal lengths may cover a bit more.
  3. Uhm, i don't think you've ever tried any of these lenses. Atleast half of them are perfectly usable wide open and can be adapted using the Kipon adapter. Infact, i think only the Super Farron and the Rayxar lenses can't be adapted because their back focus is too short. The rest should be fine. Here's two pics taken with the Wild Heerbrug Falconar 98mm f/1.4 at f/1.4 and f/2.8 on a Sony A7s + Nikon F adapter
  4. You mean the Delft 112mm f/1.4? The back focal flange distance is 56mm on that lens. The Rayxar 150mm f/0.75 does have a very short back focal distance of only about 7mm https://archive.org/stream/USAF_lens_datasheets/03-Section-2-part-2#page/n9/mode/2u
  5. The fastest? Not really... I've got a whole bunch of faster ones sitting here. Here's a complete list of fast medium format lenses: Fairchild 75mm F/1.9Zeiss 125mm F/1.5 SonnarZeiss 85mm F/1.4 PlanarErnostar 85mm F/1.8Ernostar 125mm F/1.8Aerojet Delft 64mm F/1.8 Aerojet Delft 70mm F/1.6 Aerojet Delft 75mm F/1.7Aerojet Delft 100mm F/1.4Aerojet Delft 112mm F/1.4 Aerojet Delft 150mm F/1.5Aerojet Delft 300mm F/1.5Delft Rayxar 105mm F/0.75Delft Rayxar 150mm F/0.75Delft Rayxar 250mm F/0.75Perkin Elmer 75mm F/1.5 Perkin Elmer 150mm F/1.5Perkin Elmer 300mm F/1.5Wild Heerbrugg 98m F/1.4 Wild Heerbrugg
  6. [quote]Surprisingly the FS100 is far better in low light than the 5D Mark III because of the codec.[/quote] This is not true. Low light is better because the FS100's pixels are bigger, allowing for more photons to be captured. If anything, a bad codec will hide noise while raw video will show more noise.
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