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  1. [quote author=Tzedekh link=topic=600.msg4248#msg4248 date=1334767568] Notice how she says that the [i]AF100[/i] isn't dead? Well, of course it isn't. Panasonic is hoping to generate new revenues by charging $250 to add AVCHD 2.0 capability to it. The camera isn't dead until the last one stops functioning. By this measure, even the DVX100 is still alive.[/quote] When a camera stops selling it is dead, regardless of whether there are a slew of them in the market place that are still working, but as long as new serial numbers are being created, and there are, it is still very much a viable camera in in its price point. [quote author=Tzedekh link=topic=600.msg4248#msg4248 date=1334767568]She talked about the 4K camera and AVC-Ultra. What she didn't say is that there will be an AF100 successor, especially in the m4/3 format, at a comparable (or cheaper) price point. It was anticipated last year. [/quote] Well that would have been difficult to anticipate last year since the camera has only been delivering for 15 months.  That would be a very short life span. [quote author=Tzedekh link=topic=600.msg4248#msg4248 date=1334767568]Now, two years after the AF100 was announced, there's still no successor. [/quote] We announced the fact we were going to make it at NAB 2010, the first one did not deliver until December 2010.  That is way too short of a time frame for a new camera. [quote author=Tzedekh link=topic=600.msg4248#msg4248 date=1334767568]It seems that with a little effort, the AF100's sensor (or, preferably, an improved update) could've been coupled with the HPX250's 10-bit P2/AVC-Intra 100 guts to produce a $6K camera. But no. So, I think the basic premise of Andrew Reid's post is valid and the AF line ends with the AF100.[/quote] I think this would be interesting as a camera but not as interesting as where it really needs to be to maintain a competitive edge for the few years it needs to after release.  All cameras do have to pay for their R & D. That said, I am not really at liberty to discuss new products that are not on the NAB floor.  And while you can choose to go along and believe the rumor that Andrew has started here, it is simply incorrect. Best regards, Jan
  2. [quote author=Andrew Reid - EOSHD link=topic=600.msg4243#msg4243 date=1334760423] "The AGAF100 is not selling well and they decided to delete the new AG AF camera release. The main reason is that they now will prefer to focus on Super35mm."[/quote] I would have to say that your source obviously has no clue as to the reality then.  As the AF100 is selling as well as its competitor and there are no plans to take it off the market. [quote author=Andrew Reid - EOSHD link=topic=600.msg4243#msg4243 date=1334760423]Now I use my logic and say - S35 is the industry standard and I get leaks from within Panasonic myself, quite often. I also don't think Panasonic's approach to the lower end of the cinema market is working at the moment, because the AF100 gets beaten for image quality by their own consumer division.[/quote] Well I wouldn't say that, as there are issues that occur in the MOS imager on the GH2 that do not occur on the AF100. [quote author=Andrew Reid - EOSHD link=topic=600.msg4243#msg4243 date=1334760423]I have no intention to run my editorial past official lines but it helps to get in touch occasionally. It is my site and I report what I hear from the people I trust. Cheers.[/quote] You don't have to run anything past anyone, but if you just post gossip, you get the rep of just being a Gossip page, post facts and you become the goto place for info.  All depends on what perception you want people to have of you and your site.  Most journalists corroborate their stories from more than one source. [quote author=Andrew Reid - EOSHD link=topic=600.msg4243#msg4243 date=1334760423]P2 media is desirable only for the very high end of broadcast who need the standardised infrastructure. [/quote] Well I can assure that the reason that we got the Emmy Award for Solid State recording was not entirely based on Broadcaster use.  The number of HVX200s out there in the Indy field far out number those in the Broadcast domain, by at least 30:1.  And its primary purpose is the reliability and robust nature of the storage. Best, Jan
  3. [quote author=mike_tee_vee link=topic=600.msg4182#msg4182 date=1334689675] It's a bloody shame that the AG-AF line is dead.  Panasonic have no clue on how to develop an eco-system, and their divisions clearly do not communicate with each other.  [/quote] Let me say right here and now that the AF100 is not dead and will continue to thrive.  Where this sort of information that it is dead comes from is beyond my imagination, especially if you are at NAB. We very clearly have an AF100 area there. We also are showing a mock up of a 4K camera and we have a very strong story on the next generation of codecs with AVC Ultra which can provide for onboard recording of that 4:4:4 signal.  As far as developing an eco-system within the Panasonic line, I will point you to the fact that that is indeed what we do do.  May I point you to the P2 lineup, in DVCPRO up to HD and how about AVC-Intra, and in the less expensive arena, our AVCCAM.  All of these work with virtually every non-linear edit system out there.  The AVC-Ultra will be the next ubiquitous codec to work across all platforms.  I would appreciate a little more professionalism from the reporting staff here and ask that you check your rumors with the product manager in the division of Panasonic that delivers the product.  I am the product manager for the AF100 and I can assure everyone that it is definitely here to stay.  Best regards, Jan Crittenden Livingston Panasonic
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