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  1. The 15-85 will look less sharp than even that. I own one. Its exceptional at stills though. The videos are 'soft'. He's a very naturalistic DOP. I bet you could be more aggressive with even these images in terms of contrast and sharpness. I'm certain 'better' video will come. But I also think they went for the look of S16, and they pretty much nailed it.
  2. GaryPayton - There already are affordable 35mm digital video cameras. You mean ridiculously affordable no? The GH2 is terrific. If you like it, why are you looking for another camera? You are like a Nissan 350z owner who complains that no-one's made you a 911 for the same money. It will come. In the meantime, just shoot. This camera is probably not made for you. We get it.
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