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  1. "BMPCC eats the C300 alive", you can't be serious here, are you? the bmpcc has an aliasing and moirè that even foliage and grass looks wierd, architecture? oh man ... I had it for one year for aerial videos, aliasing and moirè everywhere! I now use the bmpc4K, that's much better. bm cameras are worflow cameras, c100/300 are events cameras.. different tools for different jobs. c500 with external 4k recorder rocks.
  2. Correct, and that's why I have a BMPC4k and not a C300 eheh ( I bought it exactly because of fantastic colors...), but that requires a much longer workflow, what I wanted to say is that Canon colors are the best you can have out of the camera without post.
  3. In my opinion one of the most important feature of a camera are colors ! nobody in this price range can beat Canon Color Science.
  4. This is a camera intended for event shooters (weddings, ceremonies..) and documentaries, who else in this pricerange gives you full Canon lens compability (stabilization, video usable AF), with s35 DOF ? About the price, make these considerations, if you don't have a other equipment, from the 5500$ of the c100mII subtract about 750$ value for 3 good NDs that you'll have to buy for other cameras (and hey, a click and you have your ND applied, clean from dust and fingerprints and without time to open the mattebox if u use it), subtract the price of a double XLR adaptor (no idea about the price, but it has a cost for sure), subtract the price for a cage with top handle and in some cases (if you compare it with 5DmIII for example) subtract the price of an external EVF with unsecure cables that can break when you really need them, since the c100mII has it built in and it's supposed to be real good this time. If you do not grade (stylize) your footage but simply color correct it to make it look natural you should also subtract the time and costs of grading it since the C series creates the best looking video out there in this price range, and probably c100mII will be even better (maybe not maybe yes.. time will tell). If like me you also work with gimbals (I use the DJI Ronin) you need a short camera, and light, on my last feature I've been filming with Brick-Black-Magic production camera and EOS lenses, sooo heavy guys and so much battery usage. Imho the price is just slightly overpriced, not that much, what I would love to know before buying it are the possible future upgrades (10 bit hdmi via firmware, 4k, h.265)
  5. Great review Andrew, very appreciated ! Thanks
  6. I did some test and wil publish them soon, while waiting just have a look at this lens comparison that I just did:
  7. I'm going to shoot some landscapes in few hours, will post some edited footage in a day. Andrew what do you mean when you say auto iris always on ? Mine it's not always on (with panny m43 lenses), it only worx when I press the iris button. Thanks
  8. I love that footage, the colour quality, the way it looks... a bit grainy but I think once compressed for web publishing that grain will disappear.. fantastic little camera. The sharpness is ok, I tried to play the files on my 48" samsung led television and the default sharpening filter of the tv makes the footage looks sharp in a natural way, for the web it just need a bit of digital sharpening and it's ok. And this is just the prores.. not the raw..   Can't wait to mount it on my drone and shoot fantastic landscapes or mount it on my rig to make it a bit heavier and do some great footage !
  9. Fantastic camera, 3 features that I would love to see are white balance presets, rectilinear wide angle, manual control over exposure.
  10. because of the moirè I'm considering the D800E/D800 only for 7k timelapses.. The only "budget" camera that I'm curious to try now is a hacked GH3. I would love to have a BMCC if only the sensor would be bigger but it's not. Many cameras out there , not one complete. there is always something missing.. they want us to buy and buy and buy before they sell us something real good.
  11. Nice lens to have with the 7-14. A very useful classic fast zoom lens. This could be my primary lens for general purpose, just like the 24-70 2.8 in my 35mm system. Very welcome lens.
  12. right now I'm going to sleep (night in Italy), I'll post one tomorrow.. I don't know what happens with these transcoding but the files from 5DtoRGB looks much better for grading to me and reveals lights and shadows not visible in the original file converted in mov when imported in FCPX. There is also less noise.
  13. Left: transcoded with 5dtoRGB to prores422, right: original file in fcpx.
  14. I also made a quick test: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9cYv9-nb20&feature=youtu.be
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