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  1. [quote author=Andrew Reid - EOSHD link=topic=600.msg4302#msg4302 date=1334824380] [quote author=rexyinc link=topic=600.msg4289#msg4289 date=1334805450] [quote author=JanLivingston link=topic=600.msg4254#msg4254 date=1334769831] [quote author=Andrew Reid - EOSHD link=topic=600.msg4243#msg4243 date=1334760423] "The AGAF100 is not selling well and they decided to delete the new AG AF camera release. The main reason is that they now will prefer to focus on Super35mm."[/quote] I would have to say that your source obviously has no clue as to the reality then.  As the AF100 is selling as well as its competitor and there are no plans to take it off the market. ... Best, Jan [/quote] This is self funded because I need to get the knowledge of the new cancer treatment out to the world, but self funded means no funds for real P2 cameras... [/quote] If there is anything I can do to help publicise what you're shooting about the cancer treatment, get in touch for an interview. P2 media or investing in getting the word out about a worthy cause? Nothing crystallises why high quality $3000 and $6000 cameras are needed better than this. Jan and Panasonic take note... [/quote] THIS^. I'm making a documentary about child trafficking in China, and I avoided P2 for the same reason. I'm sure it's great -- yay, it won an emmy -- but I can't justify spending that kind of money on storage media, and it doesn't seem necessary; SD cards are working fine for me. P2's emmy isn't going to make my film any better. I do support abandoning the micro 4/3, or at least starting a new line with a bigger sensor in addition to the m4/3 line. If Panasonic really wants to own this market, make a video focused DSLR with a bigger sensor and some more video features, like ND filters built in (digital or not) and maybe an optional battery-grip add-on with an XLR input. Make something like that, keep it open so the community can improve it, and price it at less than $5k (or maybe even higher depending on the IQ), and you will make giant buckets of money. I'm sure you'll have existing users who will be upset about needing to move on from m4/3 lenses, but I think there's a bit gap in the market right now for APS-C and full frame video DSLR cameras. A lot of people bought Canon glass to shoot with the 7d or 5d2. Now that Canon has shown it's uninterested in continuing to push the envelope with video at consumer prices, all those people are on the prowl for something to upgrade to, something that offers a similarly great image but takes the needs of video more seriously. I am one of those people, so I know they exist. (And some of us like the DSLR form factor, helps us stay undercover and out of prison!) I must say I'm pretty concerned with the "camera hasn't been on the market long enough" attitude, though. I appreciate Panny spent lots of money on R&D, and I'm not saying the AF100 should be tossed into the trash...but running a business based on how long you think the shelf life of a device should be doesn't seem like a good idea. Ask Sony how that worked for them with the PS3...they took total market domination with the PS2 and turned it into a situation where they were behind the curve with the PS3 by letting the competition release their device first. I believe Steve Jobs once said something like: "If you don't cannibalize yourself, someone else will."  That's what Canon is experiencing firsthand with this Blackmagic camera....but it lacks replacable batteries and the sensor is tooo small...for god's sake, Panasonic, have the guts to jump in there and be a hero like you were in the days of the DVX100!
  2. [quote author=abortabort link=topic=600.msg4215#msg4215 date=1334723664] I don't see the battery thing being that big an issue, it's a little annoying, but how long does a Scarlet run on a Redvolt for? Also in the Q&A it was stated that battery grips etc would be available soon, which seems fine to me. I [/quote] It's a big issue to anyone who wants to do news or documentary work (there's a reason you don't see a lot of RED in those fields either). A battery grip could be a viable option, but I'm having trouble seeing how it could attach in a way that makes any sense, ergonomically, and either way, it adds bulk to the package, which attracts attention. For me personally, that's a big deal because attracting the wrong kind of attention can be seriously dangerous for some of our subjects. This will be a great camera for lots of applications, I'm sure...I'm just disappointed because it comes so close to what I've been really wanting -- a truly cinema-oriented camera with a low-profile, DSLR-style form factor. And it just seems like interchangable batteries in the camera would have been so easy, and it's what everyone else does for a reason. Frustrating! Anyway, I'll stick to the old guard of HDSLRs for the time being, they certainly get the job done. But I wish someone could come out with something for me to get [i]really[/i] excited about (as opposed to the Canon 1D C which is both out of my budget and missing a lot of the things I want in a cinema camera, although the form factor is there).
  3. Boy I wish Blackmagic hadn't given this camera aninternal battery. Sure, you can connect it to some external batteries, but having to fiddle with extra wires and batteries just makes it harder to carry around, and attract more attention. With that form factor, I was really hoping this might be a good DSLR replacement for me as I do pretty much only documentary shooting where it's beneficial not to stand out/be obviously using expensive pro cameras. This thing looks kind of like a still camera, and although I'd prefer a larger sensor for better low-light and a smaller crop factor, I would SERIOUSLY be considering buying one...except for the battery. A 90-minute internal battery is almost totally useless to me. Really, an internal battery at all seems like kind of a terrible idea, although if it lasted a lot longer (say, five or six hours of shooting per charge) I could work with it. So, Black magic, if you're reading this, I'm sure you're going to sell quite well anyway, so please continue down this path and make the next camera a similar one with a similar form factor but replaceable batteries! (And ideally a larger sensor too, 2x crop is a bit much. Maybe a Super35/aps-c version with replaceable batteries? I'd pay $5k+ for that. As for Panasonic, I see this as good news. I know they've put a lot into micro 4/3, but I think a lot of people prefer larger sensors, and as any good poker player knows, the fact that you've invested a lot in something already never justifies investing more on its own. I think this is a good time to Panasonic to maybe rebuild a little bit around a bigger sensor, perhaps Super35 or bigger. I'd love to see that start with the GH3....but what are the chances of that?
  4. Personally, I couldn't be more disappointed in this camera. The price aside -- it seems elsewhere it's being reported it costs $15,000, not $10,000, which is just ridiculous -- it has basically no features for video! 4K and...a headphone jack. Who cares? Where are XLR inputs? ND filters? Articulating screen, or even a screen that doesn't waste half the real estate with black bars because the aspect ratio is off? I honestly feel sort of tricked, because I thought Canon was making a video camera with a DSLR form factor -- that is exactly what I need. But this...this is a stills camera with a headphone jack, and an offensively high price thrown in for kicks. In fact, I'm starting to sort of regret the money I've spent on Canon lenses with the assumption that it would be easy and convenient down the line when I was ready to upgrade from the 60D to something more "pro" ($5,000-$10,000 range). But the 5DmkIII adds basically nothing, and this is almost as bad but with a way higher price.
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