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  1. Yeah, looking forward to hearing more about it. Right now, i take 1080p AVCHD files. Put them in Premiere Pro, edit, do After Effects linked. Don't even have to re-render the effects shots. I hope i could do the same with Blackmagic. Do you guys think RAW files from the BMC would run as smooth or smoother in Premiere Pro? Never dealt with RAW files, or files with a higher resolution than 1080p. Guess i'll have to wait and see.
  2. I'm still very interested in The Hobbit and hope to see it at 48fps. Maybe because i've been a video gamer for most of my life, i actually enjoy higher frame rates. I watch 24fps movies and to me it looks like there's a lot of stuttering during camera movements, and it often takes me out of the moment. Of course, i don't want The Hobbit to look fake, with obvious looking sets and all that. But if it does, it sounds like a problem other than the frame rate. I suppose PJ is learning, but i kind of hope 48fps (even 60) becomes the standard eventually, and film makers adapt and find ways to keep it from looking cheap. Maybe not for our generation, because so many are used to 24fps, but for the next generations that grow up watching higher frame rates. They'd probably go back to watch 24fps one day and say "ow, my eyes!" That's just me though, because i grew up following video games. They struggled with frame rates for a long time to finally reach a point where they could lock 60fps down. Now if a game dips below that, it's no good. Games aren't movies, of course, but i can see what PJ and Cameron are thinking here.
  3. I wonder how much more expensive "significantly more expensive" might be? I think they were smart to hit the $3k price range, but i'd hold out for a $5-6k version if it included the high frame rates and maybe some other features we're missing. All they gotta do is say one is on the way, and i'm in!
  4. Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Sony FS-700, one of the many DSLRs? I've been ready to buy a camera for a while, just waiting on one that really seems worth it for video! For my purposes, which is to make You Tube videos with heavy use of green screen. I'm trying to decide which way to go. I love all that the FS-700 offers, ND Filters, super high frame rates. But for less than half the price Blackmagic lets you shoot 2.5k raw. Yet it's missing XLR, and i'm really not sure which lenses you can use. I have no lenses right now, so i'd be buying specifically to work best with whatever camera we get. Plus we often need a front facing EVF, not even sure if you can connect an external one to Blackmagic's camera. Guess i'll really have to think about it, but if anyone has any input i'd love to hear it.
  5. Whaat the heck? Well this sure was a surprise. Now the funny thing is that i'd love to pay $5k for the extra bells and whistles like XLR, ND Filters and all that! Honestly don't know what to make of this camera yet. Very... surprising!
  6. What's funny is that i don't even really want much. I don't need 4k. I probably don't even need super high frame rates. I'm astounded that they haven't offered some kind of a large sensor VIDEO camera with interchangeable lenses for around $7k! Maybe they're working on a C-100, who knows. Maybe they don't want to cut in to their XF-300 or XF-100 sales? But it's a whole different kind of camera.
  7. I'm with Andrew. Just dying for a larger sensor, interchangeable lens video camera to properly replace the DSLR for video shooters. I would have thought by this time here in 2012 there would be more options than the Sony FS-100. Actually, now that i think about it, what i'd love is a Canon C-300 at about half the price, lol. Most everyone seems to think it's way over priced anyway!
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