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  1. [quote author=jeffdeponte link=topic=569.msg3766#msg3766 date=1334204415] It slays me to read posts where people think that a camera should cost $x and not $y. So funny! Canon are in business, yes [u]business[/u], to make money, not to give you free tools! And, if youʻre on this forum, donʻt you already have a GH2? If you have a GH2, whatʻs keeping you from making films/making money? [/quote] yeah, good point jeff.  every decision Canon makes is perfect and we have no right to question it or voice our opinions. 
  2. [quote author=Per Lichtman link=topic=569.msg3753#msg3753 date=1334188775] Because there is no competing product that does so at that price point and the company has no reason to lower the margins on the market segment. [/quote] right. i would argue that it is simply not revolutionary enough at that price point though. yes there is no dslr shooting 4k mjpeg at that price. but there is a red scarlet for a few thousand more that has RAW. there is the sony fs700 for a few thousand less that has, presumably, much higher frame rates. yes, it's what we all expected and it "makes sense" given the parameters that canon has outlined for themselves by their other releases. my point was that it's not revolutionary. everytime a new camera appears it has some new feature but lacks a bunch of others. 
  3. [quote author=Per Lichtman link=topic=569.msg3750#msg3750 date=1334187781] Canon's flagship DSLR, the EOS-1D X(with HD rather than 4K video) is set around $6,800 body only. To think that they would cannibalize its sales with a 4K camera at lower price point before the 1D X has even been made widely available seems a little odd. [/quote] yeah but the EOS-1DX is primarily a stills camera. why not release a cinema version that is primarily a cinema version with lesser stills functionality?
  4. someone release something revolutionary in the $2,000-$3,000 range please.  if all of NAB's big announcements just end up being $10,000+ cameras that require $5,000+ external recorders to reach their full potential.. well hell, none of that is very revolutionary, because by then you're up to the price of a scarlet and that revolution has already happened.
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