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  1. Thanks for sharing but have to agree 100% with Per Lichtman. "... the best DSLR for low light shooting" Huh? Not by a long shot!
  2. eco_bach

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    These types of plugins have their place, especially if you need to simply save time. But that's all they're really good for IMHO.
  3. Wonder if there would be as much 1DC bashing if it weren't for the price. Yes jello is a huge problem if you shoot 4K, but not so much in S35 mode(less than 5d3 -2 anyways). IMHO the 4K images, even at 8bit are really stunning and unmatched for their cinematic quality. Especially when compared with anything from the BMCC-GH3 (unless you really luv the oversharpened look). Shooting 4K without having to worry about moire, noise using a high quality compressed codec. Yes there ARE shortcomings, many of which I hope Canon will fix soon with firmware updates, but I for one am loving my new purchase!
  4. This is a bit misleading I think. Removing the anti-aliasing does not = an increase in resolution...or perhaps someone can correct me.
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