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  1. They can charge whatever they want, there is no competition at all. Full frame is not the same as super 35 or Micro 4/3rds you can't compare products. Saying they need to price against Sony is like saying the 1dx has to compete with the 7d price wise. The Panasonic and Sony cameras get absolutely slaughtered in low light and I have little doubt this camera will continue the trend. Although definite QQ no way I'm going to be able to afford that, I was hoping it would fall between the 5dIII and 1dx as well. No such luck. If the Cinema 1d doesn't have clean HDMI out though, that's pretty brutal. Hopefully you don't need a additional recorder to capture 4k footage. They should just put SATA 3 connections on these 4k Cameras, consumer SSD are going to be vastly faster/high capacity than whatever they can come up with. Those lens aren't going to be full frame I take it? Why are cinema lens typically zoom lens by the way?
  2. I don't quite understand how you EVER could get it to focus perfectly again if those screws/springs need the perfect amount of tension, hear you explain that sounds like it would always be a little bit off if done by hand. I want screen shots of test charts and stuff though! I hope you took before comparison shots so you can post frame grabs from video to show the difference. I'd rather spend 500 dollars extra on a 5dIII than spend 500+ extra on needing a second body like the GH2. The IR is sort of a big deal but I still don't understand what the rest of the filter does, your implication is it does nothing beyond  blur the image. And I don't understand why a 2MP video frame would be more affected than a 22MP still frame?
  3. I still don't quite understand what the anamorphic lens is? it's not a totally separate lens? It's like a converter that sits on top of another lens? Like you said it was stacked on top of a 50mm pancake lens? as in the anamorphic lens doesn't connect directly?
  4. Awesome, I find information like this devilishly interesting. But when you take that resolution into account that's actually a very tiny amount of surface area of the chip that is capturing data. Like the pixel pitch is near the same as a GH2 isn't it? So even if they captured data in the same way the D800 data would be spread out over an area four times as large meaning the gaps between data points would be four times as large as well. I'm interested to see how the 1Dx fairs, that's going to be our last full frame stills camera with video support for probably a couple years.  I think the 1dx has the  most interesting compression method because it's the only stills camera that is going to be doing intra frame encoding which is much more efficient.
  5. [quote author=JesseB link=topic=515.msg3396#msg3396 date=1333425973] Open the door to adapted glass and you can get F2.8 at just about any focal length you could ever want for less than $250 a lens. Bam. [/quote] Almost nothing adapted is going to get you shorter than 50mm equivalent. Huge money if you want to go wider than 24mm equivalent on micro 4/3.
  6. It's like you guys can't wait for videocameras to go back to what they already were.  Anything that is announced at a price over 5k is irrelevant in terms of what future indie filmmakers will be using. This would be a poor choice for somebody getting into video, you would need to already have commercial work lined up, nobody could buy this and THEN build a career around it.
  7. Why would Canon be urged to compete with this? super 35mm is still way smaller than full 35mm.  This will potentially threaten the C300 but threaten a full frame 4k from Canon? I doubt it, lots will take depth and low light over sharpness. 5dIII still going to look better on youtube or dvd.
  8. Canon 4d 45 MP 4k Video 5d III body 4500-5000$ Crappy AF dual digic 5+ What do I win when I'm right?  8) I have a feeling Canon will not release a EOS full frame camera that does not strengthen their stills line. But who knows maybe it will be a 4K EOS full frame that is the perfect video camera! You really think they'd charge less than 20 grand for that though?
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