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  1. Ok, so after receiving my adaptor a few weeks ago... I've created an unscientific review of the Lens Turbo for Canon FD on my nex 7 http://themartist.com/lens-turbo-canon-fd-review/


    If you don't feel like reading the review, the bottom line is I am happy with it... even though It appears that those with more pixel peeping prowess are confirming that its inferior to the speedbooster. I still see many advantages using it for stills,  but I'm sure that the benefits may be even more useful for video purposes. This bring me to two main questions.


    1. If there are any specific shots, or methods you'd like me to test either stills or video on the Lens Turbo - please let me know and I'll do my best. I have a canon fd 50mm 1.4 and 20mm 2.8 for the lens turbo. 


    2. What positive/negative impact will the speedbooster or lens turbo have on going the anamorphic route? What type of setup would be best, and how would one be able to have a nice compact (ish) setup to match the Nex's diminutive benefits. The dream is having an affordable small full-frame in the nex that is easy to travel with and may shoot some awesome anamorphic footage. 


    Appreciate any input or questions from either Andrew or the rest of you guys. 

  2. Hey Andrew - great news. Thanks for the update!!!


    I have a nex 7, obviously some more tests are needed - but what do you suggest is worth investing in?


    Leica R lenses

    Alpha (does this adaptor allow Autofocus?)

    or canon EF (same question)


    I don't have any of the required lenses, but damn, this does sound amazing news for the NEX 7. I have sigma 19mm, some Canon FD's and a 40mm Leica summicron (which tends to have a bit of a glow effect on both my nex5 and nex7). Its sounds like it might be time to invest in some new lenses.


    Imagine what happens if the nex hack happens this year plus the metabones speed booster? Huge news indeed.

  3. Very good review here. I've no intention to go the Canon route after these insights. I think its either the GH3 or the Nex-7 for me.

    Andrew, please take a deeper look at the NEX-7 in comparison to the GH2 for video. I saw your original review on the NEX-7 for video, but I also noticed how some people had advice as far as changing the settings you were using. I'd love to see a little more head to head comparisons.

    I have a hacked GH1 and a NEX-5(not n)... and ready to get rid of both to buy a new NEX-7, but have reservations. My hope is for a more portable video & stills camera. Obvious problem with the NEX is lenses... for now, I think the 30mm Sigma seems like a good walk around lens. Not too big, but unfortunately not too fast either.

    Seeing how the video and 1080/60p for slow motion holds up will be very informative too.
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