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  1. Hi , I just have a question about all this line skipping etc ok SO the 5D3 video in my opinion (and mk2) was never very good, it was just cool that you could use the lenses like a movie camera. the best canon camera I've seen with outstanding quality and detail resolved until the C300 came out was xf 300/305. If the 5d3 doesn't line skip anymore yet apart from reduced moire still looks shit and resolves very little detail and nothing like an fs100 or c300, would I be correct to assume (until video's come out) that the new 1DC video is going to look like the typical DSLR footage or actually like or equal to e.g. a c300 or fs100 even at "4k"res?? Why is it that the DSLR footage even with "no" line skipping looks crap? can anyone shed some light on how the "super 35 crop mode" vs 1080p mode might work? I don't know all the in's and out's of the inner conversions All we really want is  c300 footage on a camera that costs less than $10k and I don't think anyone would even be fussed on 4k etc other than Cinema/High budget for projection on such a large screen.
  2. I am new to DSLR video shooting but opted for the 600D due to the fact that I don't like the cost of the 5DII etc when the video is not vastly improved over the 600D in terms of mush for landscapes etc (I also have the Legria HFS21 which funnily enough has the same lovely natural 'grain' look that the C300 has (similarities pretty much end there though) however, you stated this in the original article: ' Canon currently has nothing in-between the 5D Mark III and C300 for video and even more worryingly nothing under it! The NEX 7 and GH2 are both better buys than the current 7D, Rebel or 60D for video image quality and digital cinema features' Canon actually have the awesome XF300 and 305, why is this VIDEO camera always overlooked it seems  (which actually sits above the entire Canon DSLR range and just below the C300 for around $7000 (AU). ( It's also Broadcast quality straight out of the box provided you have a good cameraman lol) Has anyone else seen the detail it is capable of  resolving? While still not the full 1080p they all claim, there is actually more detail and less mush in footage shot on it as it's closer to 1080p than even the 5d Mark II or III but then you would expect that considering it's closer to $10,000 than $1000. It is clear that although possible instead of using their superior 50mps XF codec (found on their Pro video camera's, they have still opted to use a hideously old codec in their DSLR... co incidence... clearly not! I also think Canon themselves have jumped on their own bandwagon from intense response to consumers (including many pros) wanting to use their DSLR's for 'video'. What I'm getting at is that if the same people who have embraced the DSLR for video and made it more popular than a video camera itself because of the DOF etc, instead focusing on e.g.: improving the XF300/305 then we would probably already have the camera of all of our dreams for less than $10,000 already.... (that's just my opinion btw :) the 305 is not perfect by any means but actually superb video (which could still be made even better , i.e.: instead of removing the moire from the 5D video, how about remove it from the XF305) check this video out and download (apart from the occasional mpeg blocking on fast motion which I tend to think is because the original file has also being compressed but check out the quality and the detail and whats funny,.. the file is only running at 12mbits/second and it's even better than the DSLR range at over 50mbits/second h.264 Imagine what this footage would like at is full 50mbits XF codec !!! [url=http://vimeo.com/15089085]MacRitchie - Canon XF305[/url] (look at the stunning detail in the opening shot)
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